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    Meta Hero and Banjo-Kazooie Speculah

    This is the metric I've been using for years to see if my opponent is well-versed or not in the art of Melee. Obviously the dude w/ Fire, a OHKO move, and bigger damage is gonna be trouncing some pretty boy any day of the week. Yet people insist otherwise. And are promptly slain. They'll...

    How do you guys deal with the hate that Corrin gets?

    Really, its better to just see it as someone else's interpretation of the character. I never felt Corrin was a completely awful character - not even in his games - but can understand why others dislike him. The kind of hate both male and female Corrin get is just a large amount of legitimate...

    Does Pac-Man Need Buffs?

    I decided the pick up Pac-Man after hearing about how "broken" his moveset is and I gotta say that I don't think the character needs any buffs, aside from MAYBE a bit more range on grab, but even this isn't necessary since his grab straight up eats spotdodges. His aerials and tilts are insane...

    Matchup Discussion!

    Interesting matchup opinions. Are there any characters you'd recommend to handle Olimar and Megaman?

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Exploitable recovery is a weakness, but that simply isn't enough of a reason to make a character underwhelming. Look at characters like Wolf, Ike, Chrom, and Roy, who all have exploitable recoveries, but make up for it due to having powerful traits in other areas. Now, I'm not claiming Corrin to...

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    To be honest, I'm not really seeing what makes Corrin underwhelming. To my knowledge, he basically plays like a discount Ike with less rewarding, but less punishable tools, and some things like Side B letting him stand out. Given how amazing Ike is in this game, that's not an awful thing at all...

    Merlinus's Caravan: Roy Social

    I find characters with longer swords to be pretty difficult to fight, like Marth, Lucina, and Shulk. Projectile characters aren't as bad as in smash 4 since roy has a faster Dash -> shield, but can be annoying.

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    This is a bit off-tangent, but what are people's thoughts on Corrin currently? The character is commonly considered to be the weakest character in the FE gang, but he still packs a lot of the traits that make the other FE characters strong, like a good combo game, decent sized sword, decent...

    Q&A Ultimate Falco: Gameplay & General Discussion

    The new bair actually lingers for the same among of time as the one in Smash 4, since the hitbox duration and animation length is the exact same.

    Q&A Ultimate Falco: Gameplay & General Discussion

    One interesting idea I had for buffing Falco's Down B is to make it more like his Void Reflector from Smash 4, where it does serious vertical knockback and damage while also keeping its reflector properties. I doubt this will actually happen since it would drastically change the move, but it...

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Yeah, I feel lumping the swords together is kinda pointless since a lot of them have flaws exclusive to them. Roy and Chrom have weak recoveries and are easy to combo, Marth has quite a bit of trouble killing at later percents if he can't land a tipper, Link and Ike have poor movement and pretty...

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    Yeah, I was considering Lucina, but I personally prefer Marth just because I like the tipper mechanic and the versatility it brings. Using stuff like sour F-Tilt and Fair to create tech-chases into sweetspots is pretty satisfying, even if Lucina is easier to play in these matchups. Only problem...

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    I don't think that ESAM's match-up spread is ever really meant to be an accurate representation of the matchups themselves, but rather, a way to give Pikachu players an idea of what they could be doing in the matchup by generalizing what the other character can do and how Pikachu can play around...

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    I'm looking to pick-up Marth to cover some match-ups I have difficulty playing as Link (mainly Meta Knight and Fox) and I'm having a hard time adjusting to landing tippers in this game compared to Smash 4. Have they been reduced to Smash 4, or are they just harder to land due to Marth having...

    One thing you would change to make Link better?

    One change I'd like for Link is given his F-tilt less startup or endlag. F-tilt is probably the clunkiest move in Link's kit since it comes out slow and is very easy to punish. It has decent kill power, but I don't think its hitbox is really good enough to make it worth using over grab or...