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    Q&A Falco, King of the Birds: Game Play Discussion

    Ok, so I actually played Sm4sh for the first time in what feels like ages (its been like 9 months!!!) and holy hell I've fallen in love with the game again. But a lot of time has come and gone, so I must ask. What the hell's happened to our bird since then in terms of where he places within the...
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    Community Patch Notes v1.1.0!

    After testing for a bit I see no difference in Toon Link's grab range, though dash grab definitely feels faster so I stand by whoever stated there was a 2 frame startup decrease
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    Data Happy Feet - Falco Video Thread

    ****, howdy howdy howdy School is officially out so hi yes hello
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On! You uh... You wanna run that by me again chief?
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    I mean... He put Meta Knight it Brawl... He put Pikachu into Smash 64... He nerfed Little Mac when he was already one of the worst characters in the roster for all modes... He put custom equipment into the game and a lot of the high stat builds and abilities they give you are broken as hell...
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    You're right, lets put custom equipment and items on as well, and lets not ban any stages at all since we need to start with everything and those aforementioned mechanics were never implemented in the tournament scene :) Personally I prefer stopping the fire from starting as opposed to pouring...
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    You haven't proven and aren't proving anything about the balance of customs what are you talking about? Just because you play with customs online doesn't mean you're proving anything You can't prove customs aren't broken and are more balanced without years iupon years of testing, find tuning...
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    See this is the problem, instead of saying "Man that's broken or slightly unbalanced" people are saying "Well its broken sure but it looks cool" I didn't realize we wanted broken hype over balance and consistency
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    DK Wind mach punch can kill from 75% screen without any skill or setup needed Pikachu's heavy thunderbolt can kill at percents as low as 80% with little setup or skill Sheik's needle buff CRUSHES shield in just 2 hits of needles and after getting hit once you can't use shield for a while or it...
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    That's the absolute funniest thing I have read all day DK's wind mach punch says hello and goodbye to every stock you ever wanted in tourney I think you guys are too focused on "there are no unbalanced moves" and should focus equally on "How does this affect viability" Some characters like...
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

    Customs? What a horrible idea, considering that there are a solid half dozen moves (at least) that are absolutely banworthy and another dozen are so that are just stupidly good in general. The meta is young, and just watch, I'll bet that when Diddy doesn't win EVO we'll have that small crowd of...
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    Q&A Ask the Princess: Peach FAQ and Q&A

    Are you guys planning on setting up a "Tournament results" thread anytime soon? I got a buddy that's been placing REALLY well with Peach in multiple tournaments, and since a "Tournament Results" thread is a good way to show how good a character is playing in the meta I figured I'd ask.
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    [Sep 12, 2015] IMGMR's Smash Weeklies (Online)

    WuHu Island isn't banned, and its Neutral none-the-less? Wow that's shocking...
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    Forgive me Falco boards for I have been slacking

    Hello, and hoooooly cow have I been slacking on the Falco guide. I have no excuses (well I had excuses but those have expired) for not keeping up with updating the guide with things that could've already been done on top of the new tech coming out for Falco as of late, and I promise that I will...
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    Personally, I prefer the air! (A WiP guide to SSB4 v1.0.4 Falco)

    I'm terribly sorry about the lack of guide updating in these past 4 or 5 days. I've been ridiculously busy with work and friends seeing as someone was fired recently and I've been picking up hours like crazy I'll update the guide with gifs for the moveset, custom moves in general, a more...