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  • "Wow you guys actually pulled through And Aqua, hold strong, anything I could say about Azua I would get immediately banned for........"

    What did you mean by that ?
    It's called a surprise attack. A lot of pikachus do this with Bair even though it has ending lag. Theorycraft will only get you so far alex, you need more experience
    Using Dair with your horizontal motion doesn't work a lot. It's good for a surprise approach but it doesn't have enough range to consistently approach with it. Falling Dair isn't stupid, it's good. It (along with Nair) are your only two options in the air if you are forced to fall onto your opponent from above. Not to mention jigglypuff fastfalling is going to throw them off guard because they are used to you being too floaty to get to the floor quickly
    Lol no its not you get punished for it every time. Believe it or not jigglypuff is clumsy in the air if shes trying to do something vertical, she's agile if shes trying to do something horizontal
    Lmao keep it up boys, your arguments are very entertaining ^^
    Just keep it off the boards because we see enough spam there.
    Also alex you do not do falling Dair. I do though :D
    im high enough that the hitbox still goes on, if u stand under me with a shield the move will hit and then immediately i will be on the ground laglessly, u can think of the move how you want but the result is ultimately useful in many ways
    yes, i beat him multiple times. change your youtube post thats not right
    also i do the fast fall dair consistently now look at 0:20 in the cruise match and like 3:00 in in the fd match,
    i have another question. when i run the "step1 extract" from the ASH folder it makes a .ash file. what do i do with that file?

    edit:nvm i found out what was wrong. before i dragged the .pac file into the step1 extract program instead of typing out the name of the .pac file.
    i read your guide on texture hacking and you said that you need ntcompress.exe and textconv.exe to texture hack. i've benn googling them for a hour now and i can't find those programs. can you pm me a link to download them please? i couldn't pm you because your inbox is full.

    Do you know if there is a pack for alot of .tga files for random textures. OR how to get the _big and _small .tga files... I'm not good with photoshop etc. so i can't create them myself. And 9/10 textures don't include .tga files...

    lol, ya. :3 It's a wonder you don't get banned. XD

    Ya, Woody's.... ya. You're a much better troll, lol. XD

    So, the Jiggs boards are basically dead then?
    I hope this is what a VM is...LOL.

    I think it is the website is down.

    Do I need what yuo sent me to do textures though? Because the Sonic ones worked before, but then I put some new ones on and my game froze up. So then I did it again but I took the SD card out that time, and the Sonic ones were not there, but it was still Brawl+, am I supossed to take the card out?
    Wow, Amazing Ampharos ripped off our Brawl+ without Homebrew...he gave us no credit for it either.
    I can't get them to you before the 9th, more realistically the 12th or so. But thanks for showing interest, and I'll gladly help, especially because one of the big turnoffs for my friends is voiding the warranty.
    Can you show me how to get USB loader? Someone told me I need WAD manager but I have no idea how to handle these DOL files.
    a while back i did. i reversed that rule ages ago(about 6 months ago) even though i didnt want to.
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