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    Smash Wii U TGC 7! 192 1vs1! 64 2vs2! Esam, Puwest, MVD, MegaFox, S2H, Sol and $500 bonus! Houston, TX! 4/9/2016

    I used rosaluma and bayo boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fun event! had fun teaming with Asa..wish we would have done better vs the double peach team Dx but what can you do against veggies these days..
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    What alt(s) do you use for Bayonetta?

    Orange bayo 2 in singles and Jeanne for doubles :3 hypehypehypehypehypehype
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    Protecting Luma/Perfect Shielding.

    You can use luma's attacks to work as a psuedo parry as well. It will clash with whatever hitbox it interacts with and luma won't be hit. There are some exceptions to this with some projectiles like bombs, but it's something to keep in mind with characters that like to throw aerials around like...
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    Meta Rosalina Match-Up Analysis R2 - Lucario

    I have little to no experience fighting lucario and Kamicario is an excellent player. Take this vid with a grain of salt towards the MU discussion.
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    Official TGC Event #4! Houston, Tx (8-15-2015)! 150 entrants! MetaKnight is back....................

    I used Rosalina and D3 btw....shoutouts to everyone I played! Always fun down in houston :3 Go Dallas x3!!!!!
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    Your Favourite King Dedede Taunt

    Pivot (ring around the hammer) into crouch dabess^
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    Event - EVO 2016 EVO 2015 - Smash Bros Hub (Check-In, Schedule, Brackets)

    Tag: iiGGY user: @iiGGYxD entering smash 4
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    PSA for Rosalina and Luma mains

    I think it should become standard for any RosaLuma main to bring a salt shaker along to any tournament.
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    Puff the Ness Slayer?

    Every character in the roster has this option to gimp ness.....
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    Shockwave Results Thread

    Option to the right...It doesn't appear to be there for mobile users though. I had to logon on my PC to claim results.
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    So... why isn't she used in tournments more often?

    She is a specialist type of character. I've put my time into her because I feel she has immense untapped potential and will only get better with time. A lot of pro players want something simple and effective to go to such as pre-patch diddy or sheik. Why learn a deep character that takes time...
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    How do I fight Rosalina with... Rosalina?

    Pretty much what Zonderion said. When in the rosa ditto, think of it this way: you're fighting luma, not rosalina. Focus on taking luma out, which you can do fairly easily. Dash attack, luma hit of nair knocks em back, jab. Once you have Luma out of the picture you have a HUGE advantage. More...
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    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project: King Dedede

    I dont have all of DDD's customs unlocked personally. I've played a few matches at my local tourneys with custom DDD though and while bouncing gordo is fun / funny to use, I don't think it is better than standard Gordo. I feel, for now atleast, The setups with standard Gordo are superior than...
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    Power Fighters - Who does Mega Man partner with the best?

    I believe the best team with mm could be either Ness (you play support / stock tank / healer) Villager, my personal favorite combo with MM (charge fsmash for villager to pocket, killing at 30-40% based on charge / char weight) and even game and watch (similar to villager but less effective imo...
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    if you were part of the buff/nerf patch team, what changes will you give megaman

    How to make him broke: sh fair / bair autocancel you can use aerials during leafshield rush acts as wall / block when falling. Dragging players under it down with him. no landing lag when landing from rush coil lemons do 3% instead of 2% slight increase to range of lemons (jab ftilt nair)...