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  • Expliqué el fox vs meta en un video que tengo en mis vids de aib. Tal vez se te haga más claro así porque tomé nota de todo lo que hice mal y lo incluí en la descripción
    Heh, no problem. I was very surprised he ended up using chars other than MK or Ice Climbers. I had never played against sheik so it was a good learning experience.

    Are you going to Boss's biweekly? I should be getting a ride with Bardul, so if you can make it we should team there.
    Haha hey Ice. It was fun teaming with you and I think we did really well! We'll have to team more in the future. Pleasure meeting you and everyone else yesterday.
    Haha, no, sorry, it's just great to see another Shippuden fan who loves Smash. Have any IM services? We should chat it up sometime. (Jesus, that really sounds like I'm coming onto you. W/e.)
    Hey IceDX, you are facing Navillus in the first round of my MK tourney One of you should PM the other about when to fight (I'm sending this message to both of you). The first round ends on the 30th.
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