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    What literally impossible characters would you want?

    Glover - Glover 64 Kora - Xenoblade 2 Clingy - Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Krystal - StarFox
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    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    Ultimate hardly lets you use your spirits in anything other then the story there should've been a mode for them in online play.
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    Redownload the game I got the same message from Crash Team Racing and it turns out it was corrupt. Go to your Switch "Check for Corrupt data" in data management > manage software.
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    who's your main and what is your complaining about him?

    :ultpeach: I really wish they would remove this toad from Peach's grabs.
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    If this is female vs. male battle then this is what the female ratio would look like. :ultpeach::ultpalutena::ultwendy::ultzelda::ultsamus::ultbayonetta::ultlucina::ultrosalina: :ultisabelle: Having both male and female in the same slot hampers there characteristics as they share a body and...
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    Because it would be like having 81 female and 15 male characters you'll be missing out on some great characters. Right now if someone whats a character that happens to be female then their going to have to wait a long time as Smash is a game that's male first female maybe and that's not right...
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    What would be your ideal troll character(s)?

    Lip from Kirby Amazing Mirror & Mimicutie from Kid Icarus Uprising
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    Things you dislike about Ultimate

    I consider Smash 4 to be the best Smash game. I miss how I could play custom stages in special smash with my camera being able to zoom in which is much better then ultimate's camera but what I really don't like is how poorly animated Peach is in Ultimate both Brawl and Smash 4 did animation so...
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    If Sakurai picks a character base off them being fun to play rather than relevant I don't see how Smash ended up with so little playable female characters hard to believe that all the females in gaming are less fun then males.
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    Air Dodge in this game

    Ultimate likes to fix things that aren't broken like the defensive moves, Peach's grabs, taunts and smash ball attacks.
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    Talking about games like Mario Kart 8 and Crash Team Racing those game have amazing female DLC.
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    Sounds like they want more females. Smash is really the only game I've played that has so much male DLC.
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    Wario, Mario, Luigi and others are male humanoids.
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    #UltimateDLCSoMale: The Female DLC Character Discussion

    This drops my hope for female characters dramatically seeing Mai not getting included right after Sakurai said its about being fun and not how relevant you are.
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    Peach & Daisy - Changes you would like to see

    Have Peach attack with her hip when hanging on a ledge giving it high priority for a safe return to the stage. Remove toad from Peach's grabs so she can slap and hip attack again.
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