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Recent content by Ian Viola

  1. Ian Viola

    Roy Tournament Representation

    It was just a weekly nothing really worth noting lol
  2. Ian Viola

    Roy Tournament Representation

    I decided I wanted to go back to maining roy I got 4th at my local :( http://challonge.com/SSF0711
  3. Ian Viola

    Editorial: A Smashing Debate, Part 3

    "That’s why you only see DK used in the highest skill levels in 64, the work to put in on Dreamland far exceeds using another better character o if you were at Hyrule Castle" excuse me WHAT
  4. Ian Viola

    TSM | ZeRo - Let's Talk: Bayonetta Drama

    Bayonetta is a better Mii Brawler that won't be banned
  5. Ian Viola

    Social The Mii Fighter Thread: Where You and Mii Can Talk! Mii Fighter Social!

    I got 3rd at Glitch (Customs) lol
  6. Ian Viola

    Best set for Mii Brawler. Evo related. Please Vote.

    I think 2222 > 2122 but for the rest of the mii community I vote 2122
  7. Ian Viola

    Social The Mii Fighter Thread: Where You and Mii Can Talk! Mii Fighter Social!

    oh rip I'd be willing to say stuff if you'd still listen I'm consistently PR'd in NC as a Brawler main if not no worries I guess
  8. Ian Viola

    Fierce Fencers: Five Experts Weigh In Mii Swordfighter

    hmu when you do brawler :)
  9. Ian Viola

    Editorial: Evo and Mii Legality

    I'm a brawler main and the ban/1111 only rules have drastically hindered my drive to improve at smash. I wish that miis were legal, but I know that there's too much of an opposition to really do much of anything.
  10. Ian Viola

    BFS: Anti-Trump Walljumping.

    You're both at the ledge and YOU'RE dying? What kind of a Brawler main are you
  11. Ian Viola

    Demon Kings: 3 Experts Weigh in on Smash 4 Ganondorf

    we need Marth opinions now though :)
  12. Ian Viola

    Guide Kirby's Moves Kill Precentage RAW

    certain omegas have a 1% difference in survivability, just so you know. Nothing really too important.
  13. Ian Viola

    Evo 2016: The Mii Force

    I'd assume that AA would be willing to listen even if we don't know him personally
  14. Ian Viola

    The Keef Crew - Super Smash Bros: Expectations Vs Reality

    hey it's that channel that has my favorite zelda combo video
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