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    Online impossible?

    Is it my imagination, or is shulk infinitely harder to play online due to the insane amounts of latency? As a sm4sh shulk main, I'm doing better with characters I've never touched before.
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    Q&A You Found the Hint Glasses! - Q&A and FAQ

    Nair simple feels better than both Bair and Fair... when would I want to use one of those two instead of Nair?
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    The RPG Thread.

    You mentioned older final fantasies but didn't mention Chrono Trigger? It's on 3 systems now (stay away from PS version) and carries one of the best soundtracks of all time. It'll be worth every penny and second you invest in it.
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    Smash 3DS/WiiU Monthlies! Read the OP! Revived and ready for action!

    NNID: signed up for WiiU tourney
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