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  • If I didn't have to go to the hospital for Phase 5 we would of been on teams and having a good time too...but then again I heard you got sick so I felt ultra back about it too. I hope you get well soon.....I"m recovering as well. Maybe we can be teammates for Phase 6...I"ll be sure to come visit you sometime before then so we can maybe have some strategies as well.
    We should play more often.
    I"ll be sure to come by and visit you two often and maybe some friendlies to go along with it.

    Argh, i'm never there when you or Monica bake stuff. No cookies or brownies for me :( lol
    Actually AIM is better. Tomorrow since you left me now D< Aim is whosxales IM me if you see me onn :3
    "We smash Dallas boys" "Dallas Smashers - Girls only" or "Dallas Divas"

    Which one do you like the best. I'm actually kinda hinting towards We Smash Dallas Boys since you and Katie have gotten a lot better and are starting to beat the crap out of people. :P
    I wasn't offended or anything about you banning me from your house, I mean you are his wife and have the right to get angry. No need to apologize.
    Yeah it's an insult part of the time. The word "Gay" is tossed around so loosely in fighting game communities that it's lost any real ill will that should be attatched to it. That is unless you say in an insulting or angry manner.

    Basically, in fighters, Gay=Good. Becasuse if you can't stop it, it's usually gay. Like MK he's gay, but that doesn't mean I dislike people who use him. Ya know?
    Bear: Dang Katie. You won't play MK.

    Katie: LOL nah not mk im not that gay

    You: Yaaaay for not being gay!!!!

    Me: Gay like your husband? Dun dun dun

    Can't celebrate for kates not being gay and playing MK when your own husband does :p

    He's one of the fore fathers of turtle-style MK, most people call it gay. Not in the literal sense though ^_^
    Great Smashfest on sunday :)

    We'll be meeting more in the future, I've known Sean for a long time and it's time for me to get to know his wife as well.

    Trust me in due time you'll see that I"m black...however I rarely act like a black guy lawl......i'm really goofy :)
    Dang I should make a Dallas girl smasher group fir just us girls where we can talk about anything. And discuss our own matchups and play style and plan girls nights and stuff! I'm doing it. :D Just you, me, Katie, and Alessandra. And dina when she moves here. :)
    Haha, its okay Im teaming with Xyro xD.

    But we should do a couples MM!!! You and Infinity vs me and Lee!! :D:D for fun xD
    Yus. =]
    Planning on going to HOBO 19.
    Another Ike and I (Ike Climbers lawlz) are going to try to get money out of low tier doubles.
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