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    SHFFL timing

    So I'm just starting to pick up Falcon (and Melee for that matter), so obvi I've been practicing my SHFFLing. I've been insta-stomping by making a quarter-circle motion with my thumb, hitting the y button with the tip and then down on the c-stick with the knuckle. At first tho I guess I wasn't...
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    Smash 64 Index (READ HERE FIRST)

    Hahaha, I can't believe I missed that. Feel pretty stupid now. Danke
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    Smash 64 Index (READ HERE FIRST)

    So saw this general advanced techniques document before somewhere and started looking for it again. The only place I have managed to find it so far is here: But it's annoying as hell to read it there, and...
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    Joystick Control Exercises

    Lately I've been going into training mode to work on some of my technical skills, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that I'm really lacking with my joystick control. Dash dancing and pivoting is fine, but the more finesse stuff is getting me, like moving from holding the joystick hard in...
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    Tier List Discussion as Apex's interesting top 8 is over

    If iteration 0 was all characters with equal ranking then yes.
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    Tier List Discussion as Apex's interesting top 8 is over

    The way that PageRank is implemented is usually through some sort of iteration. The gist is that you take the "rankings" from the previous step and use them to determine the rankings for the current step of the algorithm. You repeat this over and over until the rankings stop changing, and at...
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    Tier List Discussion as Apex's interesting top 8 is over

    The PageRank algorithm does not in any way require a tier list to start from. It shouldn't depend on anything other than the individual match up numbers. That's why it's so useful in most of its applications. And yah, I realize that there isn't necessarily a consensus on the match up numbers...
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    Tier List Discussion as Apex's interesting top 8 is over

    Has anyone ever considered using the PageRank algorithm to do a tier list? The more I think about it the more it seems like this is probably the most accurate way. It takes into account each individual matchup and takes into account how these match ups speak to the tier list as a whole. If a...
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    Super Smash Con 2015

    I could be going. Depends on whether or not I can work something out with work. If I can it's p easy and cheap for me to go, so I'ma prolly go.
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    "Technical skill"

    These ratios change depending on how technically skilled a player is, which is exactly what most arguing in favor of technical ability are talking about. Increase your technical ability => improve the risk/reward ratio => improve overall chances at winning a match. Unless you're not factoring...
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    Ask a Question, Get an Answer Thread~[Read Before Asking a Question]

    So ever since Apex I've been trying to learn how to play with the entire cast of characters, and I feel like I've got them down pretty decently now, but my combo game is pretty weak for most cause I'm just using the combos I've figured out by myself. Anywhere I can go to learn the basic...
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    Mario Discussion: OP is a bad person

    So I just pulled off what may have been the coolest combo I've ever done with Mario, and I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on whether or not it actually all connected. Mario vs Kirby on Dreamland. Kirby ended the combo with somewhere around 116%, but I have no idea at what %...
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    Ask a Question, Get an Answer Thread~[Read Before Asking a Question]

    I'm having a bunch of problems setting up netplay and was wondering if someone might be able to tell me what I'm doing incorrectly. I followed the instructions in the smash index thread, and everything seems to be working fine in general. My emulator works perfectly offline. Whenever I try to...
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    Apex 2015 Teams Thread

    Horbie and sunny b.
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    Directional Influence - A Summary

    ^I second this request. Would be super helpful.
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