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    Aaa! Sorry this took forever to see! Sure!

    Aaa! Sorry this took forever to see! Sure!
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    Make a spirit battle for a Smashboards user!

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    Spirit Battle ideas

    Woah! Thread's still alive and kickin after almost a year? I made this in a Discord chat with an IRL friend of mine a couple months back (who dosen't even have the game) and I guess I just forgot this thread website existed lol. I have edited maybe one or two things though. Spirit: Kris...
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    Q&A Bad Internet Ban (technical questions/fixes)

    @Sebas22 That would seem to be why then. Thank you so much for letting me know! My only question now is why, but I guess only the folk over at Nintendo would know.
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    Q&A Bad Internet Ban (technical questions/fixes)

    (Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong fourms, I'm not entirely sure where this should go.) Hello. I am hopper13 both here and in-game in Smash Ultimate. I used to have the very popular "Brian Gets Run Over" uploaded (one of the most popular videos in all of Smash World), and a less popular video...
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    I certainly did! Haven't played the game, and don't know any major spoilers or anything (I think). But, I guess you could call me a fan? At the very least a Joker main. I don't own a PS3 or PS4 though, and only just recently has my Mom even said yes to me playing any M rated games at all? So I'm...
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    SSBU: Make your own roster... with a twist!

    I truly like every character in the game, even if I haven't played their source game. this was a bit tough to piece together. Goodbye fighters: :ultduckhunt::ultcloud::ultrobin::ultwiifittrainer: Goodbye echoes: :ultdarkpit::ultchrom: Hello fighters: Geno, Rayman, Bomberman, Gen 3/5/8 Pokemon...
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    Add one fighter to each Smash game

    64: Geno Melee: Geno Brawl: Geno 3DS/Wii U: Geno Ultimate: Geno The rules never said I couldn't say the same character more then once, and I really wanted to join in on this but my only 2 brain cells crashed when I opened the link. Eh this would be the perfect timeline anyways
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    Opinions on Best Swordfighter Set?

    IK I'm bland but honestly I think 1111 is great
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    Spirit Battle ideas

    Sorry it's been a while since I've posted here! thought this thread was dead, sorry.
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    How Do I Shut Down My Account?
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    5 words: Everyone. Calm. The. Hell. Down.
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    Operation Starfall: Bringing Life to SMRPG Again

    Aaaand signed the petition! count me in!
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    Congrats! Sorry if I'm a late (it's already Boxing Day in my timezone), but Merry Christmas everyone!
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