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    Gameplay Videos of Each Character (1.04 videos only please)

    I have a good amount of videos from locals, but you only want ones of high level? I feel like that's a hard judgement call to make on a video for someone (like myself) who is not a high level player.
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    Lucario Combos

    That works well at lower percents, and it's also really annoying for the opponent, so you have mind games in there too. I was able to get it off at least once in a recent tournament.
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    Should Amiibo's Be Legal In Tournaments?

    There is no way Amiibos should be legal in a way that lets them replace human competitors. It has been found that even non-fed Amiibos have stat boosts over standard characters. They also have the CPU issue of inhuman reaction times and reading inputs. Amiibo specific tourneys, though, such as...
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    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread A few hours of me playing Palutena on For Glory, and then against a friend. I'm not totally sure what to do against his Link. Some matches from Bar...
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    A guide to becoming a competitive Smash 4 player!

    A very nice guide, and truth be told, it's pretty universal for any competitive game out there. I have to really disagree with you on not entering tourneys early. There is a difference in pressure and style that can only every be truly experienced in tourneys or when something is really on the...
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    Will now all smash diehards change to the wii u version?

    I thought you were including Melee and PM at first. A lot of people hate the 3DS control scheme, so I would guess probably not, especially with the gamecube controller on Wii U. You can use the 3DS as a controller on the Wii U, though, so you can practice and play all you want on your 3DS and...
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    Still Getting my But Kicked

    I don't know what it is. I'll perform decently at locals, and then get stomped online. Maybe I'm just too used to PM still.
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    Miracle Of Light - Palutena in SSB4 (Featuring Cereza from Bayonetta-series)

    How do you guys get short hop arials out consistently? I'm playing with a pro controller, and I have a hard time moving from x/y to the right stick.
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    Miracle Of Light - Palutena in SSB4 (Featuring Cereza from Bayonetta-series)

    I've been having issues, too. I don't know what I'll be saying to you that you already know with no video of you playing, but here are some things you can definitely leverage. Rolling for movement is good for her if you don't overdo it. UpB is a great almost free way to get out of a bad...
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    I meant default. I thought that custom moves weren't in competitive tourneys.
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    I really wonder what people think of Palutena. I thought the consensus was that she was awful, but her survivability and kill potential with Uair and Bair are really interesting.
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    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    Is there a place with comprehensive frame data? I keep getting linked to this database site that I have no idea how to read when I look into it.
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    Chasing tiers vs. natural selection regarding character choice

    It's hard to say. I want to be competitive, and there is a point where at the highest level, you cannot be competitive with some characters, especially those that rely heavily on punishing. If I wish to beat someone such as Zero in the far future, I cannot be using a character where my skill...
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    Miracle Of Light - Palutena in SSB4 (Featuring Cereza from Bayonetta-series)

    I've been trying to deal with Sonic online, but combination of his speed and online lag makes it near impossible for me. Is there any thing that really works well in that match up?
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