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Recent content by HomeMadeWaffles

  1. HomeMadeWaffles

    Pacific West [Jan 2nd, 2016] Oakland's Very Own: Back II Back (Oakland, CA)

  2. HomeMadeWaffles

    Pacific West [Jan 2nd, 2016] Oakland's Very Own: Back II Back (Oakland, CA)

    an actual disk is preferred, but if thats the only one setup you can bring by all means any setup is better than nothing :)
  3. HomeMadeWaffles

    Georgia Social Thread

    Ummm, hopefully people check this thread. Im gonna be in atlanta for about a week and a half. i get there on Sunday if anyone is interested and has the urge to play melee please let me know and we'll get something going. Trying to meet the GA scene :) :phone:
  4. HomeMadeWaffles


    the day i come back to modesto is if all of bmc is back and wants to smash rip sarobi w$m typing w$m makes me feel dumb as hell :phone:
  5. HomeMadeWaffles

    Rule 6 Monthlies @ Fuddruckers

    haven't done this in a minute, but **** it. posted on here specifically to shoutout johnny that was the most fun I had playing singles in idk how long. It was cool because your spacing and move selection was sooo solid but you have balls and don't play like a *****, I respect that a lot. and...
  6. HomeMadeWaffles

    Bay Area Smash: Let's get some regular smashfests going

    let's do it julian It's been long overdue
  7. HomeMadeWaffles

    Being a smash Sensei

    don't try to come across as a teacher just play them alot and eventually they'll figure something new on their own (even if they don't see it) maybe tell them a thing or 2 they do wrong. try not to shove things in their head tell them one thing at a time until they have it down if anything...
  8. HomeMadeWaffles

    Campbell Tourney 5 "Let's Get Better" Feat. Scar, Shroomed, SS, HMW, Tang, and more!

    good **** miles!!! put the story of loser semis in the captions tho since its not uploaded *****s don't know im nice!!!!!!!!!!! edit: YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS def made grand in teams
  9. HomeMadeWaffles

    how to be the best

    real ****. the most important tip
  10. HomeMadeWaffles

    Campbell X Tournament FIGHT NIGHT HYPE

    i had a bunch of fun this tournament, it felt good to be around everyone in a tournament environment and not just a smashfest. bobby - thanks for teaming with me dawg, i feel like we work good as a team mainly because there's no ego between the 2 of us. Having a team where both players can...
  11. HomeMadeWaffles

    Q&A Doc General Discussion: Ask and ye shall receive ft. otg and Shroomed!

    i feel like doc/puff is one of those match-ups i think is even, thats just me tho usually the better ends up winning it after losing to hbox with doc though i dont really see how a doc could get around it without just clearly being better than him, cuz i think even dajuan at his best they're...
  12. HomeMadeWaffles

    My apologies for my role during Apex 2012

    prog you're okay, you didn't do anything wrong you and dogys commentary is legit to, the best ever trust me dude you'd end like me if you messed up.
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