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Recent content by Holy Ji

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    you **** off, yes?

    you **** off, yes?
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    hey :) aougha;r

    hey :) aougha;r
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    Whats Your Personal Bad Matchup?

    Hey guys, this is off topic but can you please click the link in my signature to give me a chance to win $10..it would be much appreciated! :)
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    minor help with something,

    Nothing to see here, move along.
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    ^ | ...? but thanks guys nyways =]
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    oooooooooohhhhhhhh it's coming to me...
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    what exactly does a computer do when you defragment it? i've heard it'll run faster that way, but how...?
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    I need some help in a couple of things =)

    mmmm just wondering what's WINFF?
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    Music Recommendations: For the sincerely interested

    Audioslave: Be Yourself, Exploder, Shadow on the Sun Soundgarden: The Day I Tried to Live, Black Hole Sun, Blow Up the Outside World Rammstein: Benzin, Zerstoren, Spring Late Night Alumni: Empty Streets, Rainy Days Just a few
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    oh, well i actually thought ipod earphones were okay at first... at first
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    what are iPhones? I know it's apple's new phone, but they're earbuds, too? yea big headphones always sound better, but i can't fit those in a pocket
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    logitech's freepulse wireless headphones look cool... if anyone has them, do you think they are any drawbacks such as battery life? oh and venom dream, do you mean Shure se210 earbuds?
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    we all know ipod earphones suck. what phones do you guys think are the best ones out there? I need something to replace my ipod ones.
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    Best MP3 Player?

    Yeah, the iPod is cool but iTunes sucks.
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    GameBoy Micro???

    Well we all now how excited everyone was about the release of the Wii. How come word never spread about the GameBoy Micro's release? And what happened to it anyway? Is it still being sold? I asked this question earlier but no one responded...:( Can someone please shed some light on this for me?
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