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    Difference in colors

    it doesnt change the Dsmash range when it comes to hitting people. just for colliding with the environment. so maybe green has a situation where its slightly easier to ledgetech. maybe
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    Project Smashboards Community Symbol Map

    okay, so i got a copy of ntsc102.c :D i'm gonna put it up on a private github soon for anyone who wants to help with renaming/commenting/etc @Achilles1515 dude seriously get in on this. its worth learning C and if you know asm anyway, this is easier version of C
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    Project Smashboards Community Symbol Map

    where's the project on github? also, i was hoping that people were interested in doing some renaming of the ntsc102.c file that someone recently made with IDA's decompiler
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    Work In Progress Perfect setups (TV/monitor, console, capture device)

    going to mod a gamecube component cable to do 480p over VGA. this will make the PGM the perfect melee monitor. i don't know how to show pictures to compare, but anyone who's interested i can try and share
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    Project Smashboards Community Symbol Map

    can someone invite me to the github? username: jhertz
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    Work In Progress Perfect setups (TV/monitor, console, capture device)

    here's one for the wikis: Sony PGM 200R1U 480p and 480i. looks beautiful :D (not sure if itll do 480p over component (YUV), but it does over VGA or RGB)
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    How Port Priority Affects Throws

    marry me
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    Atlantic North SuperBoomed! Nebulous First 64-Exclusive Major

    Introducing, Nebs' first smash64 major! The really cool part: We have over $1000 in sponsorship money (thanks hitbox!) that we'll be able to use to fly players out. We're going to do some interesting things with this tournament: registrants will vote on...
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    TAS request service

    i've heard firo say that jabgrab isnt real in general if you have really good DI
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    How much lag is too much?

    yeah this was an april fools joke. we said they had 10-20 frames of lag, which might throw off your timing, but they look really good, so its okay. im honestly shocked this got this far
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    ledgedrop aerial interrupt

    yah its this. Uair adjusts your ECB so that you collide with the stage, and the startup of uair autocancels, so...tada
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    ledgedrop aerial interrupt

    yeah it was just an accident, kadano and i were discussing this on FB, i found it, he made the gif, then he sent it to me, i made a FB post, and must have used fb's mangled image URI in the post here my b
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    TAS request service

    does pikachu have a true shieldbreak combo? i was told the triple usmash isnt actually real
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    You can ledge grab with Doc's dash attack?!

    this is a lot slower than a wd->turn, or wd->smashturn->wd
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    NYC weekly and Jimmy Joe streams

    no 64 this week. see y'all next week