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  • Hmmmmm 'friends', bit subjective, he hates like everyone :p

    But those coming are:
    Myself, tcranter, tedeth, luke_atyeo, Vyse, booker (plus semi-kinda-ex-whoknows girlfriend), and e_alert.

    I don't think you'll be needing to house e_alert though.
    Have to call to see if I can use the place first - most likely will have to rent it out but I need to check prices.

    Was looking at this once place, would have been PERFECT if it wasn't $40/hr :|
    May be hosting a tourney in HB ;o I'll let you know if I do. Still want to brawl you, even if I gave you the name.
    I checked out both of the threads for the tournament, and I have a couple more questions (I hope you don't mind.)

    How do I register? [Do I just show up at 11:00AM?]
    Approximately how long does the tournament go on for?

    Thank you in advanced. (I am pretty new to all of this, so your help is very much appreciated.)
    Yeah, I have been trying to practice in order to get better, but CPUs don't make good training partners (and my eleven year old sister isn't much better).

    As for the name thing, I think I already have another in mind, so I should be ok.

    If I am lucky I'll be able to go before school gets out.
    Actually Havok, I have been thinking about going to the San Diego/ Chula Vista weeklies over summer. But, I am not very good.
    I think I'm going to the next Quizno's, I may go to another one before that, I'll let you know.

    Yah, I know. :( I tried to squeeze in our friendly while my dad was on his way, but you were watching a match. So I went, did 3 friendlies, and left.
    Hey Havok.

    Search for Havokbringer, he's from NoCal and got his name back in '06

    I gave up the name, you'd probably **** me anyways <3 but I still want to brawl ya.

    I'll be changing my youtube account name soon, and leave the old one "in the dust" so to speak.
    Hey Havok, I read your hot/cold marth theory thread but I dont really understand what u mena by hot and cold =/. can u explain this to me?
    Ok, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I do plan on attending a tournament sooner rather than later, but here is why.

    - I am 15, and it makes transportation tricky [also my parents won't let me get my licenses until I am 17.

    - I have the US Open [junior] for Tae Kwon Do coming up pretty soon.

    - My schedule for school is pretty annoying, and I should be starting Math 254-255 pretty soon, so that's only going to make it more hectic.

    I would like to go to a tournament sooner rather than later, but I have just been quite busy.
    REALLY? OMG thanks alot I was getting worried for a moment that i might not go thanks alot! can you please PM me your address thank you very much! i'll treat ya out for dinner =)
    For what format? How did you qualify for the PT? I only play Vintage these days.
    Nice street fighter matches. You are probably one of the best I've ever faced so far. Hope next time we play I'll be more of a challenge.
    LOL :) I main everyone

    and I found it great when I saw you online one day 'omfg I have a twin' ran thru my head.
    hey u wana brawl i wana see how people at ur tourney are gonna be like
    and yeah im gonna be there 2morrow
    I am a very cool person. I would be very greatful of you if you joined my clan.
    Hey, Join the Ragnaroks Impact. We are a SSBB clan/crew. It would be very much appreciated.
    well at first it was to have a community going and we have that now with our better players and whutnot. Now that THAT goal has been reached I have a different one now. Get really good. I mean if we have like a lot of SoCal Ranked people coming down to play with us -- DSF, Ajax, aero, ripn, i think shadow might make an apperance, gamble maybe, and so forth. Our players are constantly getting better now. So the sky's the limit. So yea lol To answer your question is just to get really good.
    ive read some of your bulletin messages and it seems you are having quite a success with these weeklies.can i ask?what is the purpose?do you have a goal in mind?
    Hello Havok.

    We plan on attending your 9/07 tournament. we will not participate but we will respectfully support you.

    Rise Up Ent.
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