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Recent content by h4 Gambiteer

  1. h4 Gambiteer

    How do I get past characters countering my recovery at ledge?

    By "recovery" I assume you meant QD right? Calling aether a recovery is pretty generous :) If you sweetspot QD to the ledge, you won't trigger the hitbox, so someone standing on stage won't hit you with a counter. You can also QD short--so you enter freefall before you get the ledge, but then...
  2. h4 Gambiteer

    Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)

    You went into the comedy corner looking for a guide. That's on you :)
  3. h4 Gambiteer

    Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)

    Don't read the comments if you don't like spoilers :) Thanks for the feedback!
  4. h4 Gambiteer

    Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)

    Exactly. How to improve your GSP :)
  5. h4 Gambiteer

    Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)

    Nope, but I did get one in there :)
  6. h4 Gambiteer

    Ten Proven Tips to Improve Your GSP (Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!)

    As everyone knows, GSP (Global Smash Power) is the definitive ranking system in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you want to improve your game, you need to improve your GSP so you can consistently play against better players. It is no coincidence that the winners of supermajor tournaments are in...
  7. h4 Gambiteer

    Difference between Character model heights in Ultimate

    Isn't there actually a slight difference between alph and olimar though? Or is that just a rumor?
  8. h4 Gambiteer

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate CAN be Balanced for Competitive Play: Here’s How

    Editorial Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Smashboards. Smashboards makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on...
  9. h4 Gambiteer

    Is there a Chrom main Discord?

    Here's a link to the smashcords: https://smashcords.com/smash-5 Roy and Chrom share a discord server, so following the link for either one will take you to the chroychord.
  10. h4 Gambiteer

    Custom Stages in the Official Ruleset?

    Yeah, the main problem with that is that it's hard to verify. What if the platform is 5 squares instead of 6? Who will notice until midway through the match? It's foolproof the check the stage ID against the "official" custom stage though....
  11. h4 Gambiteer

    Ike vs Ryu/Ken

    If he's doing it in the air, aether will do the trick? You can also jab him, or go for something like a downtilt and then aerial. But honestly Ike has a good grab game, so that's probably the most rewarding option you have if he's on the ground. If he's in the air, to aether below him to...
  12. h4 Gambiteer

    Custom Stages in the Official Ruleset?

    It occurs to me that there's no reason why have the stagelist that we do except that there are only a certain number of "non-jank" stages. Why don't we completely optimize the stagelist? With the custom stages, we can tailor stages to be "tournament-optimal," and then share those stagelists...
  13. h4 Gambiteer

    Recovering vs Counters with Chrom

    If they stay on the edge and counter, you can sweetspot the edge without hitting the counter. If they jump off and counter, you can reverse upB without hitting their jump. (even if they stay on ledge and counter, the reverse hitbox may throw off their timing). So it's a 50-50. Guess if they'll...
  14. h4 Gambiteer

    Recovering vs Counters with Chrom

    You can do a couple things. First, practice sweet spotting the edge. This won't hit someone standing at the ledge, so you won't trigger counters. If someone wants to counter a sweet spot upB, they'll need to run off and counter (In this case recovering high will get you around it, so it's...
  15. h4 Gambiteer

    Ike nair tips?

    This is called "fast falling." I would say that you should always fast fall at some point, but not necessarily immediately after the nair. You want to mix up some timings to throw your opponent off. If he realizes that you always ff nair, he'll start to drop shield quickly after you hit him and...
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