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    Back to school, Back to Melee: Melee Tournament (Sept. 20th)

    SAD FACE:( wish I was there guys. I doubt I'd make it past my first match (especially against "that guy"). But I'd still like to be there....
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    lol dude, did they ban you again?

    lol dude, did they ban you again?
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    Please Rate my Sonic

    I think you need more practice with your Sonic. First off it seems as if you use his forward+b and his down smash a lot. His neutral+b can be used to lock onto opponents and then you could probably combo from there. Just try to mix it up a little more, that way you'll be less predictable. It...
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    squirtle vid i did

    Nice, I didn't think that Squirtle was that good. Most of the people I've seen aren't very good with him.
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    Virginia Tech Brawls *UPDATED 10/9*

    ................I think YOU just killed this combo discussion
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    Pit vs. Lucas

    Yeah Lucas' up+b is really good for getting the smash balls. I'd suggest going for Lucas rather than the smash ball as soon as the smash ball appears. Try curving Pit's arrows into the smash ball as well. But ultimately you can just play with the smash balls off.
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