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  • hi guilty7 im new in NY so..please if u have a tournament information... please let me see..i wanna tourney thank ...i will send u the friend request thankss
    awww. now i gotsa search 4 another partner ;_;

    alright hope 2 team wit u some day ;)
    btw I have experience. 11th/2500 on aib holiday ladder, 3rd in teams out of 23 at gametable, and 7th/54 at pnt doubles. This time I'm hoping to place really well.
    hey, u going to gimped1, huh? I need a partner, and I'm a gnw main. my gnw + your zamus? lemme know if you wanna team.
    I'm not going to be home until quarter of 8 PM eastern tonight. I've added you, too. I assume I'll meet you there.
    ahh, I actually joined someone else's team. We're in 1st place atm if you look on the ladders. were blazing squirrelz. Sorry about posting so late. xP
    ok, ZSS and Oli sound like awesome partners. I also use Snake, and Bowser, but for teams id stick with Wario. if you want ill play you, and see if we can team up.
    just tell me when you can play.
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