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  • 3 things that annoy me about the Smash Fandom:
    -When we suck at the game, we ask for nerfs instead of trying to get better.
    -We act like getting our most-wanted character in Smash is the #1 most important thing in the world. To the point of bullying others because we see their most-wanted as a "threat" to our most-wanted's chances of getting in.
    -We always treat Sakurai as some perfect messiah who is beyond criticism. You can't be "ungrateful" for something you spent money on. The man is 48, he can take criticism.
    Fell God
    Fell God
    Sakurai is perfect he's the second coming of christ
    I've never been fussy about my character wants. It's like gambling, you don't cash in all your chips on a single number.

    Also, Sakurai can't read English complaints.
    Getting better is hell and takes forever. Some of us don't have the patience nor the confidence to practice these skills/combos and lose constantly if that's what it takes, passing off or "practice" as not worth it. That's the bigger problem: lack of confidence and the way losing affects us.
    Guys, I'm a time traveler from the future. Goku gets into Smash eventually. He's the final DLC for Smash 6. Unfortunately, Geno doesn't get in until Smash 7.
    Don't you just love seeing threads of people complaining about a character that they think is "too overpowered"?
    This is definitely the game's fault, and you shouldn't try to find counterplay or improve your own skills, because this game should definitely just cater towards you. Just keep complaining and begging for nerfs.
    If you've ever called a character a crayon-eater, unga bunga, or braindead, chances are that you're a scrub and you ****ing suck at Smash.
    Is there anywhere I can download all the character renders and alts? I need pngs with transparent backrounds.
    I need to beat World of Light so I can finally change the damn menu music. I like the new menu theme, but it gets really repetitive really fast.
    Just a reminder that insulting people just because they want a certain character in Smash or think a character will get in Smash doesn't make you anything more than an *******. There really is no excuse for it. You can disagree with someone, but insulting them on a personal level over something like this is petty and childish.
    How are time zones going to work for those who preloaded Ultimate? Are people in the UK going to be able to play the game before people in the US?
    Is Xenoblade 2 worth playing if you haven't played 1 or X? I'm making muh Christmas List.
    I'd say so. I haven't played 1 or X either but I've beaten 2 and had a great time with it. Just keep in mind that it's got kind of a steep learning curve to it in the beginning and you should enjoy it.
    If you enjoy JRPGs, there's a good chance you'll enjoy Xenoblade 2. I started with X, arguably the black sheep of the series, and I loved that game. I think 2 is equally fantastic, and the OST is an absolute treat.
    As we approach the last few weeks of hype, I'd like to remind everybody that you can't just quit playing Smash 4 and expect yourself to be good at Ultimate. Keep playing Smash 4 until release, as your skill will carry over. These games may be different, but this isn't a Melee to Brawl type of transition. These games are still very similar.
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