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  • Saw your Geno/Sephiroth-picture post on Geno-thread, and it really was enjoyable to discover - I remember having similar ideas for a comic series of my own way back around Smash 4-era, when the games were still active.

    A major one involved a plot with Mario waking up during a nap in grassy outskirts of Lumiose City (It involved about him flying on the skies of Mushroom Kingdom until coming across some sort of pleasant-looking old man in a business suit floating on the sky with balloons. After that, he'd meet a clumsy yet sweet french nun, who both then find Giana from Giana Sisters-games, havng become lost from their parents. Both would then volunteer to find them, whilst meeting paths Robin strolling by with his newest shipping-crazy partner-in-crime Bonnie from Pokemon X&Y-titles.

    Also it'd have involved a subplot about Lucas's entire family and the rest of Tazmily-village being in Lumiose City doing a huge acoustic concert, which'd essentially have them perform Mother's vocal songs live, lead by Hinawa (Who I had gone to AU-fy into a traveling composer after Shogo Sakai, with beloved classics like "MOTHER III: The Love Theme", or even a voluntary piano piece based on her earliest compositions.).

    It's been long while revisiting those ideas, but I certainly enjoyed writing all the possibly fun interactions between these characters in a time I was more or less feeling still glum about how Smash 4's speculation era ton more comics or interactions from the fanbase involving mockery of the character(s) themselves put to deconfirmed/NPC-roles as a whole - some which cost me complete enjoyment and liking to such characters in those infamous statuses (:ultchrom: /:ultdaisy:)
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