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  • LOL, so true. they better have at least dedede in the next game though or I'm not playing it :mad:
    haha awesome, same with me. i hope theres a site with all these epic waddle pics
    haha nah i always have something dedede related :) keep yours for as long as you want lol, its really awesome :)

    where did you find it?
    awesome avatar! I'll have to use it once you're finished with it :p

    like mine?
    I love your avatar. Did you make it or did you find it on the Internet?
    NC Olimars are amazing. You and me seem to be similar, skillwise for MW2. I'll try to play with you tommorow. And remember Oli's Nair is called Tornadolimar.
    did you hear about the smashfest in raleigh tomorrow? that would be a great chance to get some practice
    yeah thats legit. we're the same age and i wouldnt trust myself to drive to raleigh >.>

    i mean if you bring your friends along you shouldnt have a problem going to the raleigh one even if you've never talked to anyone there, at least you won't be compltetely alone
    if you start posting in the nc threads I won't forget XD otherwise theres like no way i will remember cuz I don't go to raleigh as much as I wish I could
    yeah lots of people will play friendlies at tourneys just dont be afraid to ask. I'm actually like the only DDD player in NC (that goes to tournies lol), and I secondary him. NC isn't very friendly to DDDs you're right D:

    nc smash group is pretty dead sadly :( at least you tried. you should start posting in the nc social thread if you want to talk to people

    i dont have many rides to tournies because i'm 16 and carless lol, i won't be at the next raleigh one, but I will be at a south carolina one on the 19th hopefully.
    you'll get soo much better playing at a tournament then playing your friends its not even funny. I mean I know playing your friends, you do better, but you won't really get much better because playing the same people over and over again only really helps you learn their styles and how to counter their styles specifically. even if you go to a tourney and lose, you'll get so much better from just playing a few friendlies with different people it's crazy. my first tournament was melee and I was 13 years old, I went with my friend and we were both total scrubs, we both lost both our matches in tourney lol. but when we got home and played each other again we could tell we'd gotten better just from the few matches we'd played just because we had gotten so used to each other we hadn't learned how to fight other styles yet.

    basically you just need tourney experience to really become good. dr pp the best in the state did terrible his first tournament but now he's...the best. it just takes practice.
    hey, i just saw you post in my tier topic and saw you were from nc. clayton is close to raleigh, right? do you go to the nc state tournaments?
    sorry about the late reply, i've been a bit busy, and me and my friends have been planning this tournament. but yeah, so have you seen this happen with any other characters? probably could happen with fox's dsmash too.
    so, i was playing a falco today on final d, and what happenned to you (falco dsmashing into a shieldgrab on the edge leading to a ground release) happenned to me. so now i guess it's not a stage mechanic, but more likely a certain aspect of falco's dsmash? i dunno if it makes it thaat much less situational, but yeah. the fact the dsmash lengthen's falco's hurtbox, then ddd pulls it in, so when falco goes back into standing mode he's been pulled off stage? new theory. he didn't die though, good stage awareness, and i couldn't punish so.... i dunno. just wanted to say that.
    You probably weren't trolling, you were just claiming to have trolled to cover for yourself.

    (P.S. If you truly and honestly were trolling, then you have some brushing up to do.)
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