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Recent content by <Green>

  1. <Green>

    Data Young Link Info Dump

    no, brawl replaced the melee wall tether with tethering to the ledge, which is unfortunate because low tether on dreamland and FOD was a great recovery mixup. It seems to be the same in ultimate
  2. <Green>

    Optimizing Metaknight's tech chase?

    True, I forgot to include that the regrab is DI dependent. Still an OK setup of your opponent DIs wrong. In most cases, skipping the regrab makes more sense.
  3. <Green>

    Optimizing Metaknight's tech chase?

    I don't know how optimal it is, but I find dthrow->regrab->dtilt or upsmash to be good at low percent. Up smash let's you follow with uairs, and dtilt can allow you to follow with a variety of options depending on weight.
  4. <Green>

    SSB64 Joins GENESIS 3 Lineup; Isai Returns!

    Maybe Isai and Ken will do melee doubles at G3 also? Either way I'm super hyped for G3
  5. <Green>

    Smash And Grab - Roy Breakdown

    Sorry, but Roy is my boy
  6. <Green>

    Remix Corner: Retro

    Nana has grabs that are slightly delayed, so I fail to see how that is broken.
  7. <Green>

    Remix Corner: Retro

    chaingrabs were removed in sm4sh, so I don't get what your problem is. Also Icies have a pathetic grab range. If you take away nana, the Ice Climbers lose what makes them interesting to play.
  8. <Green>

    Remix Corner: Retro

    just... no
  9. <Green>

    Roy and Ryu Sound Files Found

    No, I stood up and cheered and said YEAH ANOTHER FE CHARACTER
  10. <Green>

    Sakurai Confirms Mewtwo Release On The Horizon

    mewtwo for S tier! i want his aerials to be OHKO's against diddy.
  11. <Green>

    New Pokken Tournament Trailer Released!

    I'm not sure if blastoise would work, but I definitely want jiggly puff. Back Airs for days!
  12. <Green>

    Nintendo Announces New Dedicated Gaming Platform, Codename 'NX'

    it went up 4 or 5 bucks EDIT: it is now up to 22 dollars or so, which is almost double. My information was a few days old.
  13. <Green>

    Breaking the Ice - Ice Climbers DLC Discussion Thread - Under New Ownership!

    I think i said thanks in the report box, thinking it was the reply box. sorry
  14. <Green>

    Breaking the Ice - Ice Climbers DLC Discussion Thread - Under New Ownership!

    Thanks so much. Also I think i accidentally reported your post when trying to reply.
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