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    you suck

    you suck
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    Working on a Guide! - I need your help

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    PM 3.6 Video Search Thread (Lucario vs. IC's) (lucario vs Olimar) (lucario vs Rob) (Lucario vs Mario and Peach)
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    In a big rut, not really getting anywhere

    I see you everywhere complaining about the character online, and in streams dude. No offense, but you'd be a lot further if you were practicing, analyzing your gameplay, figuring out why you got hit, what you could have done in certain situations better, how you could have followed up on combos...
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    MK 3.6 Videos Played MK games 2 & 3. What did i do right? What did i do wrong? What can i improve on?
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Plate is a piece of garbage
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    Suck eggs

    Suck eggs
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    Chain Grabs

    You can DI out of the immediate grab Handoffs? Not like the Dthrow - Dair one, the Dthrow on Popo into Regrab by Nana fthrow into regrab
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    Chain Grabs

    Is there anyway out of Handoffs? Or am I just ****ed like in Melee?
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    Hot Furry Footage: Lucario Video Thread

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet, but i think this video should be seen by everyone. Its an analysis by Reslived that compares 2 lesser lucarios to IPK and what he does differently. An hour long, so grab some god damn snacks if you haven't...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    @PlateProp thats because you smell like old hotdog water
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    Mewtwo Stage Advantages?

    What do you guys think of the 3.6 Distant Planet for mewtwo? Found some neat simple teleport tricks there.
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    Tier List Speculation

    Lucas is still really ****ing good. People just need to play him better. He still has the capability to be top 15 maybe top 10. Great dash dance, Fantastic waveland, fast AND high first jump, DJC, Shine, Decent disjoints, mobile projectile. The only thing holding him down from all that is his...
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    Shield pressure

    For shield pressure the best combination framewise would be Jab1, Jab2/Dash Attack -> Dtilt -> UpSmash -> ASC startup then restart. iirc For being gay you could just side-B their shield
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    Theytah's pretty pixels: Round Two!

    @Cynapse youre a god
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