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    Music wishes

    I wish the menu music had a larger selection. What we have is good, but we can't even pick the N64 menu theme? or the melee trophy theme? or the melee opening theme? like those just feel like extras or brought in for online arena background music. Also I want the DK rap to be extended to it's...
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    Your Boss Battle Theme
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    What is your dream game mechanic? Just... this.
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    Quick! Games with relaxing music!

    Xenoblade Chronicles Secret of Mana
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    Character you'd look forward to unlocking MOST?

    Everyone. Just... everyone. Even though I dislike how most of them play, i'd just want everyone. If I had to pick though... it'd be a tough choice, but I'd go for Shulk.
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    Is it bad that i'm regularly craving mountain dew?

    Is it bad that i'm regularly craving mountain dew?
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    What Are Your Unpopular Gaming Opinions? (Ver. 2)

    My unpopular opinion: Mario and Luigi Partners in Time is the second-best Mario & Luigi game in the series. The music, theme, and alternatives for bros. attacks are great.
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    Subspace in Smash Switch, but with a catch.

    Honestly, I'd love to have an adventure mode, but i'd like it a bit short. For example: a mode almost like Revenge of Meta Knight from Kirby Superstar. Though that is if they put about minimum effort. I'd love to see an adventure mode about the size of subspace, but a tad bit bigger. And maybe a...
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    If you were to be one smash character in real life who would it be?

    Want to go for shulk. Just to see the future. Downside would be having to carry the monado everywhere
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    What clothing brand you guys wear?

    Honestly, vans. They're amazing when it comes to shoes. They're casual clothing is great too.
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    Favorite Types of Cookies

    Chocolate Chip Oatmeal is the way to go. Other than that, the girl scout thanks-a-lots are very good as well.
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    What's behind Bowser?

    Well... from the shape, (I dunno what it's called, the black thing with 2 holes) but maybe a machakoopa?
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    The "Cut 5 Characters" Game

    :4lucina::4ryu::4wiifit::4cloud: I am hoping :4bayonetta:as well, but she is made by sega... so she has a chance to stay in. EDIT: I had :4lucina: in the list in the first place not because of being a marth clone, but just how fire emblem is represented. :4robinm: and :4corrin: are fine as is...
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    New Smash Game Announced During Nintendo Direct

    Honestly I believe this is a new smash game from personal belief. For a few reasons: The way they presented the new title (around the time it showed the logo). It wasn't a smash 4 style. It seemed more dark and ominous. even the music helps with that feeling. Like everything is in ruins If this...
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    things you hate about your main

    Any Smash attack I do can be punishable if used at the wrong time. Even after the smash attack is quite slow.