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Recent content by GLCH

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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    I was jk.. I guess I didn't want to change my name... This site is soo gooood... Is there any good tourneys around SE Michigan??? Did everyone miss Malice and me??? lol
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Since I've surpased Malice.. I would show up to one.. But I'm sure I would knock out a nerdy instigator like Ankoku. The smash community is a bunch of *******s, and this site is a joke..
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    I guess everyone's playing Brawl huh?
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Do you know how many foods are shaped like *****? The best kinds! Sup guys? Does anyone like Brawl more than Melee? I know it's not very (HARD) to play..? Cause people with no brain or grammer can play it I guess.. lol.. Big shout out to shibby and the UP!!! p.s. Lucas is too strong..
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    Am I the only one that seems completely incapable of liking brawl?

    Cons 1. Tripping 2. Floaty 3. Slow 4. Easy 5. Sweet spot every time 6. Crazy recovery 7. Not a lot of Technique 8. Bad dash dance 9. No Wavedash 10. Balanced Pros 1. Better Graphics 2. More to unlock 3. New characters 4. New stages 5. Stage builder 6. N00bs can play 7...
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    Official Brawl Tier Discussion (OP Updated)

    My vote for top tier 1. Lucas (He has to be number 1.. He's just too good!!!!) 2. Toon Link (Bair to spike?) 3. Pit (Ken Combo?) 4. Marth (Ken Combo?) 5. Meta (Ken Combo?) 6. Ike (Strong man) People that I think I'll use 1. Pit 2. Marth 3. Meta 4. ROB 5. Lucas
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    Brawl Tier list

    I havn't had the chance to play online but my friends unlocked everything besides all the trophies and stickers... I was at the Gamestop tourney and my friend made it to the finals with Mario.. This kid used Lucas and owned.. Anyways... HERE IS MY LIST!!! Top Tier: Lucas (Why are you so...
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    ThaBadOne is pretty bad.. I beat him and his friend.. And his friend was pretty crazy.. I don't know what the deal is with Ankoku.. Sorry for what ever is up your ***... But this site is getting old.. I don't really like anyone besides my friends Zelow and Malice.... and the posts are all...
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    DaShizWiz vs ChuDat

    Pc, Forward, and Shiz.. All in the same forum.. Faints... PC!!! Do you remember a Malice from Planet X, MI not too long ago? I wish I would of went so I could play you... All you guys a great.. Kill the wifey.. Kill the wifey..
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    Samus' up-b!

    Samus is annoying....
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    Who needs help with Combos, Damages, Advanced Tactics for Falco, etc.

    I know.. But I thought it could be possible to press x or y after you shine twice or something... It's pretty hard to use the control stick and triple shine.. I can tap x or y and b and do triple and quad shines.. But that's not really useful in actual gameplay.. thanks
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    Who needs help with Combos, Damages, Advanced Tactics for Falco, etc.

    First of all.. I'd like to say that DaShiz is awesome.. Further more.. I don't know if someone already asked this.. How on Earth do you triple shine?? I'm about to go search for it but I'm lazy, so I thought I would ask.. I can double shine and use x or y to short hop and dair.. But I can't...
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Since I guess Malice hasn't been on in a while.. I guess I'll just say.. I heard all lain can do is down smash.. But that's just what I heard.. And I doubt he can beat his falco in a dito... Only specualtion... Square tools...
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Truth hurts... qq.. And moving on!!! I think exceptional is mad at you Malice cause you wouldn't play with them... He's soo mad!!! (inside joke) Hahaa..
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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Thanks Malice... Is Ankoku assuming again? I didn't say anything bad about Roy so chill out silly lil asain boy................................................................................ ROY SUCKS BIATCH!!!
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