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Recent content by Gingersnap

  1. G

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    I'm not in consideration? Notable wins: Lain, LMT, Benji, Beach, Sol Notable losses: Sol, Lordy and if you want to count the tournament where I intentionally lost, AF. I think wins and losses even from 1 tournament show that I have better results than most of the #10's you guys are suggesting,
  2. G

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    "Blake is a good win but not for this season considering he has only entered one tournament and does not have any wins." I was just trying to clear this up. I wanted my win to count, because I was basically told it was good! But….. not for the season. But I appreciate a member of the panel...
  3. G

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    I completely understand :) I'm just putting in my two cents because I'd like to be on the PR. Personally I feel like the first ranking period should be based mostly off of tournament placings. "Having wins" is a weird concept seeing as you can't "have a win" over a ranked player.
  4. G

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    "I'm just not counting them because they haven't done anything yet this season." "but then you have to compete with Nom and Identity Crisis" When I check the rules to be on the PR, I see that you're only required to attend two tournaments which I have done. I plan to attend rootfest 7 this...
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    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    I also have a win over Blake at SWEET XV
  6. G

    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    Yo, I should be in contention. I placed 4th at lake effect 2 and 5th at SWEET XV, only losing to anther and Shady. I have a head to head win against Benji, but also a loss to Benji. My only other loss in this ranking period is to Super.
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    SWEET XIV Results [East Lansing, MI] feat. KirbyKaze, Trail, Duck, & more!

    Dude I wasn't totally satisfied with our match, I'm excited to play you some more because I know we can have better matches. Definitely respect your doc :) +2 on Rh1thmz though, good **** ;)
  8. G

    Lake Effect 2 - Kentwood, MI

    Shoutouts! First I'd like to thank Root for throwing an awesome west MI tournament. Spreading out the bracket and making it a really enjoyable experience at a nice venue. Keep it up! Lordy - Thanks for housing us for the night and taking five of my dollars in PM, once I learn that game I'm...
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    SWEET XIII Results [1/11/14 - Ann Arbor, MI] feat. Mango, Abate, Duck, Dart, VaNz, & more!

    Ginger's shoutouts! Abate, Taki, The Lake, Stro, and Machiavelli: Thanks for eating lunch with a couple of us Holland guys, it was definitely cool to meet you and chill for a bit. Moose: Good **** in pools man! We had a close, fun set, I'd love to play again some time! Juggleguy: Always...
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