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Gero Zeal

I enter this new world, and start a great journey of growth!
I am Gero (Chris) Zeal, hailing from Ajax, ON, Canada!
I have been following the Smash Scene for a while now and truly want to go further with my skills and maybe enter some tournaments in the future. I actually got a chance to create somewhat of a smash scene at my high school about two years ago and we have a bit of a crowd ever since, I even introduced them to Project M and they are loving it; I'm loving it too!
In terms of game background, I grew up in Brawl. Although it may not be as fast paced as Melee or Project M, but I ultimately enjoyed it. I was the catalyst to the other things smash I would be introduced to. I have two mains currently for Wii U: Ike (primary), and Captain Falcon (secondary). I also have a few pocket characters, Bowser, Pit/Dark Pit and Marth/Lucina mostly (I'm starting to make a possible secondary of Lucina).
I hope to add a little something to this community and hope I get to make some friends and share even more about my smash experience!
God bless and happy smashing,

Gero Zeal
The Energetic Orange Soul
Oct 25, 1997 (Age: 24)
Ajax, ON, Canada
Program Activity Leader
Smash 64 Main
Captain Falcon
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash Wii U Main
Smash Ultimate Main




"Though the challenge ahead may look difficult, we must not lose heart. With confidence at our side, faith in our souls, and steel in our hearts, we shall endure and stand triumphant!" - Gero Zeal


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