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    If You Could Make 3 Changes to PT...

    1. Increase hitbox size on Charizard jab1 2 and 3. 2. Increase hitbox size on Charizard nair. 3. Increase Charizard air mobility. Or something like that. PT is unstoppable if Charizard becomes viable.
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    Why nobody cares about ZSS?

    This website is dead dead. Try twitter (#ssbu_zss) or reddit.
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    Optimal Flip Jump usage

    I went to SoCal Chronicals this past weekend and used zss the whole time. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think ff nair > flip jump kick is a punish on all shield grabs. Nair is like -1 frame advantage on shield release cancel or something crazy like that. So if they try to shield grab a ff...
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    Social This Girl Ain’t No Zero -Zero Suit Samus Central

    She's not this bad imo. I'm liking her more and more as time goes by. Her initial dash is the fastest in the game and makes dash dancing ridiculously effective for moving in and out of threat range; zss neutral feels good to me because of this. Dash canceling jab1, utilt, and dtilt is great...
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    ZSS combos

    I somehow got whip2 (the one you get for holding B) to combo into bair at around 50%. Could be because they DI'd into it thinking the whip was going to send them away and not in.
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    The Knightmare Returns! Meta Knight Discussion Thread

    Yeah, however, unlike before, you could grab the ledge afterward.
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    The Knightmare Returns! Meta Knight Discussion Thread

    I love the airspeed of nado. MK himself doesn't have all that great of a time moving horizontally in the air. I feel like he will be able to catch airdodge-away with nado in situations where landing and dashing to punish isn't an option.
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    The Knightmare Returns! Meta Knight Discussion Thread

    You make very solid points here. MK dair, nair, bair offstage will be crucial to this character's role. Recovery is overall nerfed in this game for all characters, so any character with solid recoveries are buffed by default. MK especially.
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    Is Bayo still busted?

    Bayo seems to still be quite degenerate. The nerfs, as previously stated before, are reminiscent of sheik nerfs. So here's the thing, with less damage and knockback, a lot of her previously true combos are likely now going to be frame traps.. This is better interaction between players than 'oops...
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    The Knightmare Returns! Meta Knight Discussion Thread

    In the video where zero "analyzes" MK's moves, we don't actually know at which percents these are being done. It's like if someone made a trailer for smash 4 mk and performed all of his combos at percents they don't work at or trying to link moves at the wrong timings, etc... Like the part where...
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    Q&A Mewtwo Q&A Thread (Check Here)

    Alright guys I have a landing lag question. I've looked into kuroganehammer's frame data for mewtwo but I can't seem to find the landing lag for his airdodge. I know most characters in the game have 22 frames of landing lag for airdodge with a few exceptions (zss at 15f). I was wondering if...
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    Q&A Gameplay Q&A and General Discussion Thread

    I feel like corrin approaching with raw fairs and nairs and such is like barely okay. Corrin "approaching" should actually be when you close the distance and stop right outside your opponents attack range. Here, you can maintain that space with sh fair and sh nair (you don't even need to be...
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    Meta Pikachu Matchup Thread

    I find that when you have the stock lead and pika is forced to approach, we can do retreating sh nair at ranges where quickattack will confirm into utilt. Nair lingers for a while (14f?) and the late hitbox can juggle pika into some fairs. Also from my experience, we get usmashed pretty hard...
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    Q&A Gameplay Q&A and General Discussion Thread

    Anyone know if ledge trump > ledge jump > rising DL is true or not? I won a few matches in tournament doing this and it seems true but Idk if anyone tried airdodging. When you do it, they are trumped into the air exactly where tipper DL would hit. I've killed from a trumped tipper from as low as...
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    Q&A Gameplay Q&A and General Discussion Thread

    So yesterday I was fooling around with DL pin jump. You get a knockdown but the jump takes you too high up and the FAF is a wopping 44 frames. I can't seem to find any utility for it. I would always look at the pin jump and think "we didn't get any kick damage, but I bet we could get some sweet...
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