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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    :’( @Ishiey @KRDsonic @Seagull Joe should remember me. I’m a wolf main from the Brawl days.
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    Social Hideout of the Phantom Thieves - Joker Social

    I gotta admit... I never saw it coming~ But I’m thrilled!!
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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Hey boys, I’m back~ (This is Auspher, btw) :p
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    Tournament Mode [1.1.0] Community Patch Notes

    What are "Growth increases" to character attacks, specifically? Hitboxes? I'm referring to Mewtwo's patch notes here.
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    Ohio smashers, where you at? (List of Ohio smashers)

    CryoSomnus - Columbus, Ohio.
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    Lucas, Roy, Ryu (1.0.8) Community Patch Notes

    Really, gotta appreciate the Smash Community for being able to pull together these patch notes. Wish Nintendo was able to provide us with clear-cut information rather than leaving us to figure it out on our own, but I suppose that's par for the course. Keep up the great work, guys!
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    Check your PM's. :)

    Check your PM's. :)
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    AlfaCollusion 4 Results

    You're welcome. ;3
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    Lucina Can Ken Combo! Chars. She Can Do It To! Percents! Etc. the beginning after your f-air, what are you following that up with before you hit the ground?
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    Mission Complete!- Fox Discussion Thread

    Oh, hehe. Thank you! It's actually my fursona. A character I created myself and had commissioned an artist to draw. I have some others. Just PM me if you want the full picture and others. :)
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    Meta Competitive Smash Ruleset Discussion

    I honestly think that the 2 stocks, 5 minutes formula will work best as it currently stands for this game. I've fought a fair share of some campy playstyles and aggressive ones alike, and either way you paint it, this will cut down significantly on tournaments that go past their originally...
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    Data Bowser's Moveset Data & Discussion just doesn't sound worthwhile anymore. I keep Tap-Jump on for the purposes of using that option, but it may be a better option for me to turn it off, as having tap-jump on causes me issues sometimes.
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    Mission Complete!- Fox Discussion Thread

    Just to clear the air as I don't see one listed, is this considered the social thread for this character board? If so, I think it should be indicated as [Social] somewhere in the title.
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    "I'm the original here" - Dark Pit Social

    What's your favorite color option for Dark Pit? I favor the Purple shade, myself.
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    Lucina Can Ken Combo! Chars. She Can Do It To! Percents! Etc.

    Ah, this sounds simple enough. I imagine her combo game can only grow from here. :)