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    This week now marks the 13th consecutive week where the #1 song was not a single-week #1. That breaks the record. There were two other periods where it was 12 weeks straight where the #1 song was always a song that was a multi-week #1. The record will likely continue to stretch another week or two as Some Nights isn't likely to come off yet.[/collapse]
    I'm actually planning on going back to school in September for Advertising.

    Have you been playing any video games as of lately during your spare time?
    lol the graphics were why I didn't want to pay for them. I saw this on SH's official Fb page! and I had made this status:

    "Now, I think I like what they did with SH2's graphics. SH3 looks really meh in my opinion though. Everything is beautifully clear, but at the same time it looks much less scary. They completely removed the fog from the nightmare and the creepy orange glow it had. It's much too bright now. I remember sitting around at the entrance for like five mins because I was too scared to go into the next room because it was so dark lol. Now I'd probably just breeze through because I can actually see what's coming."

    no way I'd drop $40 for that. I'll probably pick it up when drops to like <$20 lol, but I already own SH2 anyway.

    I like both of them really. Different takes on the same thing. The original feels more haunting and emotional and the official mix feels energetic and crazed.

    We haven't spoken in a while, how's life been for you lately, Ausp?
    I guess I do have the accent. lol.

    And yeah, exploding trees are terrifying. Thankfully they only explode when struck by lightning or when they catch on fire.

    Which, now that I think about it, is most of the time. ~
    Luck of the draw I guess.

    But Australia's okay. We have exploding trees and killer dropbears so it's (usually) all good living here.
    Hurrah, smart Wolfy!

    Anyway don't worry man, I'm sure someone as smart as you can do accounting with little trouble.
    Good to know I remembered something!

    If you're doing a balance sheet, I guess next up with be your income statements and general ledgers. Have fun. :3

    /hasn't thought about accounting for >3 years
    Oh I see!

    I remember my first lesson of accounting. <3

    I think we learned the 5 accounts:

    - Revenue
    - Expenses
    - Assets
    - Liabilities
    - Equity
    Or at least that's what I remember. Doesn't help they change the rules like, every year.


    I remember getting stuck on depreciation. </3
    I did accounting at high school. It was kinda fun I guess.

    This girl and I were like, best friends, if only because we just sat in accounting class never doing work. lol

    We somehow managed to pass, though I don't exactly remember most of it anymore.

    I think I napped during accounting too.


    I don't know many other wolves that know accounting though.
    currently housing Larry, KS car, MI Car (Gifts' group). don't think i have room for any more
    That's unfortunate :/ I really wish we had more good sets up against competent D3s, he's one of the few bad MUs I don't feel comfortable camping for some reason lol
    It's all good xD but yeah, we're actually doing it this time around it seems. Let Shiro/Tekkie know if you have any clips you'd like to share :)
    lol nice. Looking through a bunch of clips I have saved up to pull things for the CCV. I have way too much material X_x
    Oh, no. Username color! Yeah that's it.
    edit: well looked it up and Ambassador?
    Thank you!
    I mod the Information Center. and btw why the color? I've always wondered that.
    1. Shoot lasers until you chip damage on Popo (he's the lead climber and thus is more likely to get hit by lasers)
    2. Once you hit like 6-8 lasers, Bair will separate
    3. Hit ICs with Bair by platform camping and baiting them to Uair you (use Platform drop Bair)
    4. ALWAYS retreating Bair (even if it gets you on the ledge)

    Shine > Dsmash also separates if you bait an Uair

    Game over, Wolf is victorious

    I don't want you to think I'm disrespecting you or anything like that. I will give you a few reasons why I'm not:

    1. You seem like you in earnest want to help the community (via reading your BBR App and you being in the Ambassador Group)


    2. The people that I don't really care about, I typically won't give detailed reasons as to why I think they're mistaken because it's usually not worth the time


    3. I was compelled to give a reason because this is a case where I think you're just overgeneralizing based on your own specific experience (which everyone does, myself included) and it wouldn't work at the higher level that you want to compete at.

    ICs are a character that it takes a refined understanding of nuance to play at a high level. Anyone can pocket an ICs and punish people's super horribly obvious mistakes and CG to death. It's a different story when you play an IC that actually knows how to force the mistakes.

    You don't have to take my word for it, but Wolf is a much better character in the MU.
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