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  • Heya!

    I saw you're going to Shuffle VI. I'm new to the Smash scene here, so I don't know anyone. Since we both have the whole furry thing in common, I thought I'd send out an invite to crash at my place, if you're interested, so that I can meet some new smashers!

    You're welcome to bring up to 3 others as well. I live about 20 minutes from the venue.

    If you have any questions about me or anything, let me know.
    Nothing out of the ordinary here; just work and such as always~ And always stuff to fix/update on the site.

    Have you picked a P:M main?
    Yes, as of today, actually. Mewtwo is going to be my main, and I'm working on some secondaries in Wolf and Roy.
    Good luck with that~hopefully it helps you get integrated with the newer community and such too.
    Yup, I'm digging it so far. :) How have you been?
    Name changes are still done just through Premium Membership~

    Have you played P:M? It's good.
    It's pretty much the reason why I'm posting here again. Been looking around the P:M forums and learning more about the game. I'll be entering the Columbus regional tourney in February, too. :)
    Yepyep, anything exciting in your neck of the woods?
    Not really. Can't sleep, lol. Also, just curious, but how would I go about changing my username on the site? So many new features and I'm still getting used to the new layout of the site. I haven't been around here for some time.
    Suppity sup Aus. Sorry, this is like the latest of late replies.

    Oooh you weren't even trying to be cute? That gives ya even more cute points. Yea dude, something about your personality just comes off as bubbly and bouncy, ya know? Theeen again, I thought you'd be really stoic and quiet when I met you. I gotta stop basing people off there avis. >w>
    I'll tell you when my backlog is cleared. Got so much to do now school's done.
    Hwy, that's what I go for.

    Now I know I asked this before but got anything you want me to make?
    I got this one I've been working on. There's this wolf I know that's all about his plane's, so I went and just turned him into one. Still got alot more details for the background but you get the idea.
    Oh I see. I assumed it was you since your current signature is one of the artists drawings. lol.

    Nevermind then. =P
    Ehhhh I suppose... that's really lame of them :/ a tier list proves less than your performance in matches against the haters though, don't forget. And honestly, Wolf is probably better than and also wins the head-to-head lol... who is he to talk xD
    Went well. Missed the prep before because my phone was dead, classmates thought I would miss it.
    I checked you FA account. The one submission I can see looks pretty sweet. :o

    I'll have to make an account to see the other one. I'll do it when I can I guess.
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