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  • Alright I'll try to catch you on. I think I am like 2 hours ahead of you. I'll try to be on then. I'll be either on SWF or online.
    Alright then! Battlefield we start then it's either Smashville for your CP and/or PS1 for my CP. I'll try to see if I can go on/find you tonight!
    I'll in contact with you as soon as Thursday comes around. As far as stages goes I don't mind BUT I CP PS1, if I lose the first match.
    Oh yes I enjoyed our games. I recorded alot of them. We should Wombo Combo someone lol or work on techniques like Darkrain combos or team work. Do you have Skype? If we could talk to each other I bet things would get more fun.
    Play me sometime. I am going to be in San Antonio until July 25th so I have a different friend code its : 1677-7420-3272
    Depending on how long it takes, PieDisliker and I might need a delay, we keep missing each other by, like 5-to-15 minutes for the past two days. XD

    We will brawl though.
    Just so you know, Ultimaceon (Lily) hasn't been on since the 21st, just in case it times out before she comes back (which odds are it will because that was her only post).
    Hmm, Different LP Then.. .Wow. XD We Should Fight, And My psychological Knowledge Tells Me That When You Said I Was Predictable, I Agreed Therefore Confirming That My Subconscious Knows That, i Am In Fact, A Predictable Marth. =D nice...
    Not 2 days ago, it was never.
    I use the tag :395: always.
    I never go Link online.
    I RARELY use Sonic online.
    The bad thing about this is, i've never played you.
    Tell me, how was i able to tell you were predictable in combat?
    Thanks again haha, eh to some I'm good, but to most I'm just another srubby samus. I want to gain back my skillz.
    Hey man, Thanks for the invite, but I'm far too busy/crappy at this game to play in a tourniment. T/hanks for the offer though!
    Wait a second I just realized... you posted on my profile! You fixed your problem? What was wrong with it?
    btw you should always reserve the second post for things like the entrants list. People are going to miss that.
    Of course :coolmonke

    Haha I don't need repayment. I just want your tourney to be successful.
    Try not to spam your own VM wall and click "View Conversation" to reply on other people's walls.
    Sweet Man, Thx... Ya The Only Profile I Can Comment On Is Mine, XD (EPICFail) Like On Other People's There's Just NO Button To Push, Or Box To Type In, Anywhere... XD Hope I Can Get It Fixed Soon... LOL! XD

    EDIT: Bbl...
    Oh right I remember you having that problem. A friend of mine has the same problem. I just don't know how to fix it. I can only advise you to ask an administrator and see if he can help.

    Also, no problem on your Brawls. I'm cool with that. :)
    Today Good? Like Maybe a Few Hours From Now? XD

    My Friend Might Switch Off With Me If Ur Kool With That, Or Maybe Some Casual F4A's He Main's Marth/Samus, And Like Kirby To Mess Around With... XD

    Ooh! And Um, Plz Tell Me How To Leave A Comment On Sum1's Profile... o.o XD I Cant Seem To Find The Place To Do So... XD (FAILNOOB)
    Hey, All.. Sry I Haven't Been On Much... I've Been Rly Busy, AND My Router's Broke And I Need A new One... T.T So, Ya... I'll Be Back-To-Brawling Soon I Hope.


    6.3 Target Test Lvl. 1 (Falco)


    LasVegas NV. Local Brawl-Off Approx. 50 Contestant's>< 1st Place. >< $50 Prz. (Marth)

    Utah Melee Comp. Out Of 64 Finalist's. >< 2nd. >< 10 G.S. Gift-Card. Prz. (LOL! Ghetto XD) (Link)
    (Comp.) Character Chronicles: (As Of: 4-1-10)



    Too: *Current Date*
    1 Vs. 1 Record:
    Arch Knight: 0-3
    Raven Mist: 11-9
    LP: 0-0
    Animefanatic777: 37-79
    iwtSmash: 2-1
    Capt: 3-4
    UberMario: 0-0
    Cherry: 1-5
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