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Recent content by GanonDuck

  1. GanonDuck

    Piston Punch: Five Experts Weight In On Mii Brawler

    Disadvantage: Pushes people who wants to play them away from the competitive scene because of all the rules drama bull****. Edit: Also it baffles me how top players seem to be the worst ones for pushing away people who want to play as miis in the most aggressive fashion ever.
  2. GanonDuck

    Fierce Fencers: Five Experts Weigh In Mii Swordfighter

    Disadvantage: Cant play as them.
  3. GanonDuck

    Editorial: Evo and Mii Legality

    I think i wouldnt fight so much for miis being allowed to use whatever custom move they wanted if it wasnt for the fact that they can use whatever custom moves they want with customs turned off. I get that smash is a game off tons of rules to make it competitve, but there is literally nothing...
  4. GanonDuck

    Bowser Patch 1.14 changes

    This change makes me really sad. At least they could have fixed some of bowsers hitbox issues...
  5. GanonDuck

    I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But.....

    You're troof arnt you? Dont you feel like a huge scumbag using LITERALLY ONLY bowsers grab to win?
  6. GanonDuck

    I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But.....

    He even got dropkicks and a bodyslam with his down throw. Maybe in Sma5h he will have even more wrestling moves, clothesline when?
  7. GanonDuck

    I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But.....

    The bowser clip in that video is dumb as it kinda shows troof use alot of bowsers moveset. I'm kinda salty about people complaining so hard about the grab buff as a "bandaid" fix. It just solidifies bowser as this games zangief as he actually gets rewards out of his grabs. Isnt the entire points...
  8. GanonDuck

    How much better is bowser after the 1.1.3 patch?

    I said he would beat you with any character which is largely because he got good fundamentals, BUT you would cry about his Ryu who is a top tier character and got similar "kill early super fast" stuff like bowser has. (also, we got a big skype group and some of the info got shared when he played...
  9. GanonDuck

    How much better is bowser after the 1.1.3 patch?

    @WwwWario you do realise that you were playing one of norways undisputed best players on for glory right? Its wierd that you didnt even recognize the name as you have joined some of the weeklie wi-fi tourneys. He would have destroyed you with any character on the roster, bowser just got that...
  10. GanonDuck

    If you could add 1 more Mii Fighter to the game, what would you choose?

    Some kind of mii heavy weight equal, maybe a Mii controlling a small mecha or somethin.
  11. GanonDuck

    Dear Brawler Mains,

    I've never understood the problem with miis. There i tons of theory behind why they should be banned, but in reality the characters arnt that amazing compared to some of the top tier characters that dominate the game. Creating a new mii takes less time then creating a new tag+changing up the...
  12. GanonDuck

    Meta Wry Mustache Man: Dominating Strategies Discussion

    Ah, of course. I havnt really incorporated dtilt into my game yet, so far ive mostly used dtilt > grab or dtilt > ftilt, or dtilt > try to read their movement if they are very roll happy when they get hit by anything. Dtilt > Ftilt works suprisingly well against most people, tho i guess in...
  13. GanonDuck

    Meta Wry Mustache Man: Dominating Strategies Discussion

    Does this mean that dtilt can potentionally combo into Fair or frame trap/combo with jabs?
  14. GanonDuck

    Favorite Wario Palette

    I really like the yellow overalls! The red overalls are also pretty good.
  15. GanonDuck

    Does Wario feel different?

    Even if he lost his shoulder bash ( RIP ;_; ) I sorta "feel" that Wario is alot more Wario in this game then brawl. His moves got alot more of a rough feel and momentum to them. From a gameplay point of view i guess his air game got sort of nerfed, but he still got a pretty good air game, and...
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