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  • My name is Adam...
    im 14
    no school yet....i think...
    and i wanna brawl......
    this my friend code....
    Im not the best but yeah be prepared for sum pwnege...
    XDDD If you think that's wild. Seriously the battles I've been having are crazy. More like I see more smashing then fighting, and then I get sucker punched a lot. XD Though I'm not complaining. I'm having to much of a good time. Oh man.. So much hard work at the moment. Gahhh.. Caption falcon scares me. XDD
    Awesome! I'll wish you luck a lot!. Do your best to smash anyone who stands in your way. That makes the battle more insane for the other play. ^_^ I can see them now going. ( OMG DID YOU JUST SMASH ME?! ) You'll probably go. (Yes... Yes I did. XD ) <--- I'm just being silly. x3

    So yeah! I wish you luck, and in our battle we should spike more often. I was trying to do that. >>; I only managed to spike you, and you hit the ground instead of falling down out of the stage. So will have to put more pressure on each other, but still make it fun. ^-^ That way we won't like get pissed off at each other. XD
    Dude it's alright. Don't worry! I admire what your telling me. Honestly I'm laughing because it's awesome that we really had a cool battle of Marth vs. Marth. never had anything like that sense... the last marth fighter I had. XD ( which was really on basic brawl. that sort of sucks I know. XD ) But any who. That last part about the Taunt. You don't have to repeat yourself. You told me before. x3 It's cool I thought it was funny. XD

    So I hope we get to brawl again! I mean that! x3
    Hun I bet if I never used Forward smash. It be pointless using marth. XDDD I don't Fsmash as much as people think I do. I forward smash because it's the best way to get someone away. I know this because I've seen Marth brawlers who fight way to harder then I do. x.x; I've been with a site called Gaia Online. They have marth brawlers. Contently some are good some aren't good, and simply I make sure I use Froward not with my yellow joy stick, but mostly on a controller because that's the best way to end a battle. Keep that in mind. XD

    And by the way. :D I maybe new in this forum, but I know I'm not new with Marthy poo. : DI adore his skills. XDD I would say things about others, but that would only piss people off. XD You see I don't go for that. x3 But thanks for the great tip. x3 (Seriously thanks. x3 )
    I bet you're glad since that's your first social group :)!
    Hey! Let's be friends fellow Marth! Also, join my social group!
    Lol, but you do.
    After watching you guys play, I saw massive use of Fsmash in your Marth.
    Not to metioned, you hardly ever go offensive, but you rather stay back and camp.
    Is just a taunt dude, and is great to use on people that DO lack style.
    By the way, he woop you with almost every characters, and is against Marth, one of the best tier chars fo sho.
    Whoa! This is rad! Thanks for adding me! Only cool people accept random friend requests!
    uhm, evan answered you, you only need to register for the event before registration for the event closes

    k so when you go into the building goleft all the way to the spiral staircase but don't go up the staircase go past it and you should hear the smash taking place on your right
    Nah, I'm not surprised.
    Hardly anyone play for fun anymore.
    Is all just "I have to win".
    And that's why brawl suck>
    Spam combo?
    Only Lucario/Peach have true combo kid...
    And the last time I check, you spammed Fsmash.
    Oh Ike stalling edge UpB is just plain gay...
    Wasn't me, Axel is my brother.
    Although I watched you guys played.
    -facepalm- at Tlink/Wolf spike.
    We say people lack style if they KO us with edge-hog or multiple Smash.
    Me and him personally play with style, that's where we fail to win sometime.
    I'll be the judge of that.
    Don't make me edge-hog, is really gay...
    But if you start it, I will too.
    Hey my brother said your Marth is a, and I quote~"A God".

    Do you mind telling me why he said that?
    He said you guys brawled, but you pwn him barely.
    lmao did you get a lot better?
    I'll like to play you sometime if you like.
    haha I thought something was off

    uhmm idunno it's been quite a long time since I've played but okay
    advanced slobs is just tournament rules so counterpick stages/characters/blind picks etc
    For real? Have you been doing secret falco training with eric or something? lol
    Sure Advanced slobs?best of 5?
    ha thats what i figured. i hate facing marths >_>
    getting gimped is not fun. but i wont hold it against you :p

    you're a pretty good brawler, and seem to use the new members fight arena often. alot of us from there use a chat for easier communication and brawls. you can go there if you'd like. sometimes its kinda dead, but theres about 20 of us that go there, so alot of times its really full also. heres the link:
    What happend there?
    You camp and still lost, even through all I did was go for spiking not being gay and edge-hog.
    Your Marth is using Fsmash as his tatic too much, is well...lame.
    It hits me because of the lag. Mix some move in dudeeee.

    Don't blame me for using Marth, I mimic people mains and well **** them.
    That`s real fair, I`m finally starting to get better
    and you end early on a fair fight. Well I guess I`ve done it
    with plenty of people :(
    I don't know, your Sheik was horrible through xD
    I don't ever stay up this late, surprisingly I could still do Sheik's DAC >__>
    That wasn't me dude >__<
    I'm not "777" is my brother.
    I played you with Sheik through.
    Then left.

    He said you camp a lot lol, did you?
    Blah, is your choice.
    Just know that none of your characters can survive against my MK
    I haven't show you that he's my best >___>
    Blah, then learn to drop your bad habit with Ike.
    Eruption is actually good, you shoudn't avoid using it completely.
    Similar to Dolphin Slash.
    *Sigh* my Sheik was gonna surprised you with her DAC...
    guess next time.
    Nah, I just get annoy playing Ike that only uses AAA combo and Smashes.
    Just stick with Marth, Ike is harder to learn, especially learning how to recover...
    Luckily I learned both, Marth=Fast pace, Ike=Slow pace
    Lawl, you kinda improve with Marth.
    *Sigh* but no spike.
    But remember you're using a high tier, Marth can simply own anyone.
    Incase you were wondering what I meant by "Aspam".
    I was talking about how you use Ike, you rely on AAA combo too much.
    I think of those Ike as "Failure".
    Jab-cancel with Ike is cool through.

    Anyway GGs, I see you learn how to play me.
    Run and hide. >__>
    [Lame, reverse Falcon punch off the stage is the beast.
    Also known as the 360 punch.

    *Face palm* that ZSS is too nooby..
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