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    Projectiles.... balanced, not fun

    Projectile spam is actually pretty easy to get around. If you pick a stage with platforms you can just dodge all of the projectiles until they mess up. At that point you take a stock then just wait it out. As a Mac main, I can confidently say that you can do it if I'm doing it.
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    I entered the quarantine series. Went against Hackoru first round and then another guy that...

    I entered the quarantine series. Went against Hackoru first round and then another guy that almost jv4 his first match on stream. I lost. but I went against Hackoru!
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    Is $5 too much for a character?

    IMO, I think it's worth only $5 for: -A brand new character with completely new mechanics and a unique moveset. -A new stage with a new feature -A whole playlist of amazingly produced remixes of fan favorite songs. I would gladly pay for this if I had the chance.
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    Do you have any other hobbies than just Smash?

    I love to play the piano. I enjoy playing a lot of other games such as the Legend of Zelda (I know it's old but I just got it from a friend). I usually spend most of my time goofing around with friends. One different hobby than smash is speedsolving. I'm not competitive or anything of the sort...
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    Choose a character for this criteria!

    Haunter A Smash Bros. character that would look funny if you gave it a sword
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    Choose a character for this criteria!

    Kremling A new Assist Trophy
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    Congratulations, Min Min! ARMS character(s) for Smash discussion

    Byte and Barq anyone? I think it'd be really cool because barq wouldn't play like other AIs seeing as he only hits the player once or twice and works mainly as an entity that just gets in your way. That and you can jump on his head to go high.
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    How annoying is the above person's main Ultimate edition

    Dedede relies on gordo and it can be infuriating when that's the only option he picks. When you finally get close to him he just sucks you off stage. :ultfalco:
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    How annoying is the above person's main Ultimate edition

    I dislike Terry because all he does is power wave if you're far away and if you try to approach he just grabs, down tilts, or jabs. There's no way around him if you play him annoying. Have fun, I main Little Mac.
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    Stage Discussion: Stages you would like to see

    It's not necessarily themed and I'm not sure if it's been said but in the final Dharkon vs Galeem fight, there's a stage with 4 platforms. I think that's a cool idea until ladder combos get insane. But the background without the bosses is insane.
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    Choose a character for this criteria!

    A full body rendering of the meme head man. I don't know his name but he is 'Kalm' then 'panik'. A new retro rep, like pre-atari, standing console arcade game character
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    Media Ridley Match Analyses, Tips/Discussion

    I've also been labbing Ridley a ton and I have some tips. With the DThrow -> FTilt, if you angle the tail upwards it tends to hit pretty consistently. Also, if you hit a dragdown nair there is a possibility for a down tilt if they're grounded, and down tilt can lead to a forward air chain. A...
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    How would YOU buff Incineroar?

    I'm not a personal Incineroar player, butt I know quite a few people who do and I play with them often. One thing that I would see as scary good on Incineroar is tough guy. It would make up for his lack of speed and make a slow walk toward you all the more terrifying. Other than that, you could...
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    How do I get better?

    Blutrausch summed a lot of things up, but my advice is a little different. I was a lot like you, where I played super casual and couldn't beat anyone. So what I started doing was learning. After I played, I started looking up what my friends were doing and found out how to do it with my...
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    Why do people online leave after a single match???

    I am sadly one of the people who leave after one match. This is primarily because I play a lot of my characters really weird. Out of the gate I can beat a lot of people, but once they have the download, I'm kind of screwed. The thing is that the opponent almost always gets the download after...
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