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Recent content by Gallowglass

  1. Gallowglass

    Legend of Zelda Which Zelda NPC would you like to know more about?

    This guy left me with so many unanswered questions.
  2. Gallowglass

    What Character Represents Their Series the Best and the Worst?

    Just found this in an old post of mine and thought it was hilarious. Obviously Pre Piranha Plant days.
  3. Gallowglass

    Star Fox Zero Switch port?

    Like everyone else the game was really good except for the controls. The problem is that some of the levels I don't think you could beat with standard N64 control pattern. I think they'll have to make a new control style. I don't know why they didn't do motion control for the flying like Wii...
  4. Gallowglass

    Patch 3.1, what do you want from it?

    I would love to see more modes like Home Run Contest but a new Boss Mode. Instead of a random gauntlet of bosses I would like to play certain bosses with certain character. Have some sort of scoring to show performance.
  5. Gallowglass

    So far, how do you feel about VR?

    Well they already have VR porn games. I personally don't have any issue with that but I could see some people have problems with it. Another issue I could see is abusing gamer addiction and creating a Ready Player One sort of situation. Imagine if they made a VR MMO that is as addicting as...
  6. Gallowglass

    Realistic Guesses are Well and Good, but Let's Hear Some Crazy Newcomer Ideas

    Now this really wants me to make a President Koopa Mii.
  7. Gallowglass

    Create alternate costumes for fighters who you like

    :ultike:Adult Yellow costume (i.e. Greil outfit) because it look more like a gallowglass. If I want to go really out there Brave Ike form Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) :ultlink: Left handed version of either Twilight Princess or OOT (Its a pet peeve of mine) :ultdarksamus: or :ultsamus: SA-X...
  8. Gallowglass

    Realistic Guesses are Well and Good, but Let's Hear Some Crazy Newcomer Ideas

    If you want the Virtual Boy I have a source for moveset potential
  9. Gallowglass

    F-Zero Competitions (Is this a thing?)

    So I was talking some friends and I was talking about my favorite straight up racing game F-Zero GX. We also got talking about Smash competitions and it donned on me does anyone do F-Zero competitions? Since people still hold Smash Melee tournaments and they have Mario Kart tournaments I don't...
  10. Gallowglass

    If you were to design a SF game......

    I might get blasted for this but I think Starfox Zero had a lot of good ideas but a few very very VERY bad ideas. Pros - I really like artwork and style of the game. It felt new and interesting but also familiar. - The story was pretty interesting even though it was a retelling of the...
  11. Gallowglass

    Now that generic enemies are on the table, who do you want?

    Wasn't there a thread on here that wanted the WiiFit Board to be a playable character? Now that would have been a weird choice. But this thread isn't about WiiFit Trainer this about generic enemies that would be fun in Smash. Another Zelda enemy I would play the heck out of is a Lizalfos...
  12. Gallowglass

    Now that generic enemies are on the table, who do you want?

    You say that but the Wii Fit sold a lot for quite some time. 2008 Wii Fit 3rd Overall Sales https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/NPD_2008_sales_figures 2009 Wii Fit 4th Overall Wii Fit Plus 5th Overall https://www.tomsguide.com/us/NPD-Best-Selling-Games-2009,news-5729.html 2010 WiiFit Plus 6th...
  13. Gallowglass

    So far, how do you feel about VR?

    I've been really interested in the Labo VR kit for the Switch. The looks like they have a lot of interesting mechanics I want to try. I've never done VR myself but I think that if this catches on I could see some really cool Nintendo games that would work great in VR. F-Zero You're in the...
  14. Gallowglass

    Say, you were allowed to Reboot a Nintendo IP

    That's a hard one. But I think my top choice would be F-Zero. Nothing would make me happier if they made an F-Zero GX HD Remake. Features HD graphics of the intense roller coaster like stages. Online Play so you can have a full grand prix of playable characters Switch link play so players can...
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