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  • Oh yeah, I have a Skype. My skype is dual_seeker, but I'll just send you a request right now XD.

    EDIT: Oh, also, nice to see you again ^^;. How have you been?
    I'm going try to get our friendlies up today, I just got hit pretty hard with school. You'll have to ask others if the other matches you had were saved/uploaded.
    Regular dash attack with the A button -> regular upsmash with join stick and A. Just gotta do it really fast.
    Hey man what's going on. Yeah if you notice any of your opponents bad habits and things they do a lot subconsciously that's when you can start mindgaming/baiting them. It comes with muscle memory and after a while you won't have to even think about it. The greatest players are the ones that can figure out their opponent before the first match of a set ends. Also remember that you don't always have to be aggressive. When someone approaches you, it limits their options, whereas if you are standing still and doing nothing, you still have all your options.
    I prefer to keep the remaining ancient stuff I've had to myself for varying reasons. In my personal opinion, I don't think many of the Pits are dedicated to working on the MUs like I was over a year ago. This discouraged me eventually, and I believe they should put more effort into it rather than just rely on me (who they sometimes belittle because I've been pure wifi) to do the searching for them.
    I apologize, but this is my decision.
    On frame data, I'm of the understanding most high level players don't really worry about it too much and just work off of what works. I on the other hand will revolve my entire game plan around frame data and frame advantage option break downs. I think frame advantage is everything when playing, which is why I play ICs because they have an infinite source of frame advantage.

    On mechanics: Read the Dual Stick thread that I wrote featured at the top. You'll understand why Pit has a hard time killing now :D

    On improving: Let's say you lose a bunch currently. I feel like you're getting better as long as you're not losing repeatedly in the same way. If you lose, but it's in widely different fashions of you trying new things, the wins will eventually come. Also, since I play ICs, I will count air dodges, spot dodges, and rolls in certain situations. Since every character has these features, it makes it so that I don't have to learn matchup specifics by in large against most people. I just punish what I can punish heavily, take stocks, and try to hold on to mine.
    hey, thanks! i was planning on practiicng some techincal things this week in training mode for apex, so this will be something i add to the list :D
    Mashashi quit

    but the list


    Those are the main 4

    Leon- getting his ticket
    VVV Zero should be going I will ask him again.

    THose are the main ppl off the top of my head.
    I tended to do badly in bracket but well in money matches. I may be at apex but probably not. If someone in the DC area could provide me with a ride I might consider it but I work 40-50 hours a week and don't have money to spend for the most part.
    I read the post, thanks for the info it was helpful. I don't actually attend tournaments much anymore (partially due to work, and mostly due to the DC brawl scene being beyond dead).
    Thank you very much ^__^! I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving too ^__^!

    Sorry for not getting back to you right away ^^;. My Pit is still... Acceptable I guess XD. I've been investing more time into BB now than Brawl, though. Although, my Pit can still put up a good fight ^__^. Umm... How do you play proactively? I remember reading about it on a post on Smashboards but I can't find it anymore XD. It was basically saying that a proactive player would formulate their playstyle around another players actions and adapt, contrary to a reactive player who would only react to certain situations and not really adapt to different situations. I would be glad to help you with what I can, but I haven't been playing Brawl as much as I used to, so I don't know of how much help I'll be ^^;. Still, I'll be happy to help you in any way I can ^__^. Just let me know, and I'll do my best!
    In my local region I consistently placed within the top 4. Regional tournaments I usually didn't do too terribly well, but I have topped a few times. Missed top cut for an SJC due to a silly mistake caused by fatigue.

    Fairy's have progressively gotten better as time went by. Agents are a top tier deck ATM, based around the card Master Hyperion.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Gadiel ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Hope to talk to you soon, and make sure to eat a lot :D!
    Lecrae and 116 clique just released a new album.
    I also recommend tedashii for your viewing pleasures
    Most important things with self-improvement is to want to improve. You have to be willing to be honest with yourself about self-evaluations because if you can't objectively analyze your game you simply cannot improve efficiently. You have to figure out how to fill the holes in your game... usually by a mix of prevention strategies (preventing yourself from getting into the positions where bad behaviors or habits come up) and also through conscious effort (by consciously changing your habits in those situations as they come up). The first one is useful because you should be trying to avoid bad situations and if you can recognize where your character is bad and avoid it, that's good! The second is important because you won't be able to avoid every bad situation ever so you still have to play well in it.

    I'm not sure how hard Brawl is as a game because I don't play it. It's probably doable if you have a good mix of hard work, dedication, and a strong mindset. But I also don't know how good Pit is and how much potential he has as a character or anything like that. I can't really give you a good answer there.

    Reading, for me, has a lot to do with understanding how my character's behavior and how the match has gone is affecting my opponent's mindset. I'm not sure what it's like in Brawl, but in Melee I can usually tell when a Fox player is trying to "crush" me with shield pressure. It's just a feeling you kind of get because you can tell they really want to hit you really badly as a result of frustration or whatever. I'm not even sure how tangible it is. They seem to almost behave more... politely (?) when they're going to try and trick you and back off in an effort to bait a roll. It's different.

    Whatever you do, don't try to reduce their behaviors to base moves (ex. SH bair). There's always a reason they're doing something (although they might not always know it). If you can figure out why they're doing whatever they're doing, you can probably figure out what they're eventually trying to do and plan appropriately for it.
    o my, I'm flattered XD, thanks a lot for the support! Reads come with experience, my mind just got used to them, there is only so many options one can do in this game, sometimes I'm going for specific reads, sometimes I'm not, it depends, when learning a mu, i somewhat know what my opponent can do but depending to the situation or just know weather he's going attact me or jump. For example when im approaching lucario, I know prior to it that he will try to fair me, if he's under pressure, he's going try to fmash/roll/spotdodge. Pit has a lot of good tools to cover options so I don't have to make a super specific read, i just need to have somewhat of an idea of what my opponent is trying to do.
    It's hard to pin point anything specific since I'm not a Pit main. It's best to talk in the Pit Character Forums for learning things like that. A lot of experience in getting better and breaking to the next level will be tournament experience and knowing what to do in various situations.
    I just think he's an incredibly underrated character. His current tier placement is completely wrong imo. Even though I can't play Pit fairly well, I know a lot about the character since I'm good friends with Rogue Pit, and got him into competitive smash near the beginning of Brawl until he stopped around a year or so ago. In his prime he was definitely the best Pit main imo, and playing with him multiple times every week and going with him to almost every tourney he went to really got me to see what Pit can do.
    Yeah, he never quit lol. He favored melee for a while. But hes been back for ages now. Still playing and practicing at tournaments.
    Sometimes it is good for your shield to be in its regular position. U understand?
    _-_ I do, just when it is necessary. Mk's tornado was an example. Reading is about realizing your opponents habits. There's alot to it. But I'm honestly to lazy to type it all out. U got skype?
    yea i angling yer shield is good. I do that. For example if Mk is tornadoing tilt yer shield upward.
    And I guess I should just call the church a church to Christ, in Christ, for Christ, as they say they are :) They go through the KJV of the bible all the way through on Sundays, and have studies during the week along with lots of neat programs specially aimed at youth. Kids.Inc is so great there...

    This is the one I go to at home in Indianapolis. It's called Horizon Christian Fellowship Central, or Horizon Central. It's one of the better churches in my neighborhood and welcomes everyone. They're very loving and don't go by the book in terms of donations and such (you know, GOTTA PAY YOUR TITHE OR WE WONT LIKE YOU!!)...

    But they're very clear on their vision of discipleship and missionary work, and go out to far places, Brazil, New Zealand, Africa, countries in Europe, and some parts of Asia even. They use what they get from donations and they get a lot because people love their work and love their... LOVE!

    It's hard to find a church like that... but they themselves reccomended this one:


    I'm just trying to come to grips of facing another year of college without my friends and family back home :(
    I'm actually interested in this one church near my area. I live on campus during the year in West Lafayette, IN. Purdue University has a lot of religions on campus, and I don't want to walk into the wrong organization, feel awkward about it, then feel bad because I don't socialize well with people if they are only into their religion instead of the relationship.

    There's a holy house or some kind of church inside or neighboring the coffee house close to West Lafayette here. I'm just nervous on going because I'm afraid of what kind of attachments I'll get into... I dunno. As soon as this weekend is over with I'm going to go and check it out finally. Made up my mind. They're related to my church of Christ back home.
    sup man. sorry for the late reply. i haven't played brawl in years but if there's a general advice i can give you about the game... i'd say.. get in your opponent's head. you may be playing a match up that's favorable or unfavorable to your liking but if you can get inside your opponent's mind, you can overcome any disadvantage. have no habits and always be willing to reply with any rationally smart option that's abstract from what you're used to. as for pit... use arrows as a guide to where you can limit your opponent's movements and respect their character's strengths. No matter how good you are your character has its limits so know what pit's disadvantages are against each match up and also know the weaknesses other characters have against pit. that's all i can think of for now... obviously there's more to say but i don't think this thing should be any longer than it is now so ask me specifics if you want :D. GL and try out melee :) it's not that bad
    well in perfect brawl, anything would be powershielded and punished on reaction. the only character that could beat that would be pit arrow looping perfectly to get grabs inbetween arrow hitstun
    it's getting really good now and how to improve is learning your options when you learn your options you'll be able to easily remedy certain situations. all i really do for practice is play against a lvl 3 cpu but it helps with being able to do things consistently and comfortably but you will learn alot of small things like follow ups and what things you can do at certain percents. i think it's how committed you are to winning because if you don't try to practice and learn anything then you won't know how to win. there's alot of other things that i haven't mentioned but it'd be kind of alot to post lol
    lol people knew him but he wasn't popular. yeah i'm going to a few big ones this summer, gonna win with mk.
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