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Recent content by G.L.

  1. G.L.

    The Big House 4 feedback thread

    Pro 1. all the TOs/pool captains knew what they were doing, and did a good job at moving things along 2. Multiple streams! its always sweet to see yourself or a friend on stream 3. the hotel was amazing, really made it feel like a high stakes/high class tournament con 1. the cutting to top 2 in...
  2. G.L.

    MITTEN I / rootfest 9 (MI Summer Circuit #2) results

    shoutouts to team beer... lol. and daddys kisses in "s" tier for his smash name.
  3. G.L.

    rootfest 8 Results (4/25/14 Kentwood, MI)

    sweet tourney, hype venue. 1: Lordy ($75.00) :ike:/:falcon:-ggs hype teaming i know ell meet again in bracket lol. 2: fZk ($37.50) :diddy:- yo first time weve ever even just played. good stuff taking 2nd and solid diddy. 3: Blake ($12.50) :fox:- WTF fox i pressed down b....lol 4: Jawsome...
  4. G.L.

    Spartan Stadium Arcadian Results [East Lansing, MI] - feat. Rayquaza07, Butch G, Blake, and Soul!

    shoutouts Heinze- hype commentating and hanging out after. gentlemen hype Gamero-nice tourney. and good time hanging out after. Soul- ggs going back to back haha. neither of us play douchey so its really intense hellsing-super close set. i know well have to play next tourneybutch g- ggs you...
  5. G.L.

    Lordyfest 3.0, Grand Rapids MI, 12/14/13

    1: Blake $36 :wolf:/:fox:- 2: Lordy $18 :ike:/:falcon:- ggs in tourney intense sets as always. the tourney was hype and hanging out after was a good time. Kzoo will definitely try to make it to the next lordy fest lol. Hopefully you come to Rootfest/ 3: Rhythmiz $6 :metaknight:/:falcomelee: we...
  6. G.L.

    The Beach House 5 - Michigan Melee

    1: Yu - Yo i didnt get to play you at the tourney but you looked way meaner than the friendlies we played at my place. 2: Moose - GGs in tourney. dont think weve played for like 2 years, but im hype atleast one of the top pr players came out. ill take all the falco exp i can get 3. tremor- we...
  7. G.L.

    4th and Final Shibbypod Awards

    lol i will come at you with a different character next time. probably sheik again. and i will never cut my hair.
  8. G.L.

    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

    slayer, and KJH for top in the PR, idk what place though. BIgy also, he came to a smashfest in West mi, and the gentlemens open and he just has to sand off that rust before he is godly again
  9. G.L.

    Body City Results [8/10/13 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Melee Singles (46 entrants) 1: Kalamazhu :peachmelee: ($200) good job beating good OOs players and winning the tourney. i got some solid peach-fox practice when we played friendlies, 7: Slayertokey :falconmelee:- always good to see slayer and that crew. i think we only played like 1 or 2...
  10. G.L.

    The Gentlemen's Open: Results

    1: Free ($124.00)- taking marth back to the top, slayertokey for president 2. Juggleguy ($67.00) - glad the master TO showed up , helped make sure things ran smoothly, and placed high 3. KJH ($34.00) - hype sets in both games, don't know why East MI gives you so much crap lol 4. Bigy - hype sets...
  11. G.L.

    The Gentlemen's Open (Melee, PM, 64) - July 27th, 2013 - Kalamazoo, MI

    oh yea, a KZOO tourney, definitely going. the gentlemens club better show up lol
  12. G.L.

    SWEET XI: Sodium Rising Results [3/2/13 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Good tourney Rob. Sweet tournaments are always fun to go too. Someday West Mi will break that glass ceiling.
  13. G.L.

    Rob's House 4 - 6/23/12 - Ann Arbor, MI

    Me and brayden are going for sure. and Im bringing 1 complete setup.
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