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Recent content by G-Guy

  1. G-Guy

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Just let K. Rool cancel upB with an aerial or air dodge and we are good to go...
  2. G-Guy

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    Crown buff is huge, if not the most significant one, in my opinion. It‘s really nice for landing, getting on stage, and is much more durable :)
  3. G-Guy

    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    So, I'd like to post some of my speculations for fighter pass 2, if that's Ok... -1st A new Pokemon rep from SwSh- After Byleth, this one seems to be pretty safe. While I personally would like to see Rillaboom, we'll probably get some pick no one expects or gets triggered by, like Cinderace...
  4. G-Guy

    Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits! Who Will Be The Final Fighter?

    Nice to see the fighter passes actually do include 1st party characters. Our girl got a boost in chances here. Let's just hope the next fighter pass has more than just one Nintendo rep
  5. G-Guy

    Time for the King to get Buffed

    New Fair's range is awesome, now imagine it being a SH-Autocancel move...that would be amazing. People are already labbing new Nair->DSmash on shields and apparently that set up punishes enemies who like to shieldgrab you after the Nair. The biggest thing that needs a fix now is Krown in my...
  6. G-Guy

    Time for the King to get Buffed

    We got them!
  7. G-Guy

    King K. Rool’s Biggest Strengths

    Finally a thread dedicated to positivity! His biggest strength for me is that he is just so much fun to Play! I have never felt this way towards any other smash character (mainly because I have been waiting for him since melee) Even though his moves are laggy, stuff like dair, Usmash, ftilt...
  8. G-Guy

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    And so begins another excruciating wait for the next update that hopefully brings us some nice buffs. Oh well, I‘ll support our King no matter what, Even got myself the Kremling Krew Insignia tattooed on my right shoulder recently (no pics yet, because IPhone)
  9. G-Guy

    what buffs does K.Rool need?

    I Said ist before and will say it again: His hitbox gets way too big when he throws Krown. No reason for his fully extended arm to be vulnerable... (also shorten the animation) Faster Nair and Fair More Belly armor HP Faster ground and Air Speed... Oh and maybe, instead of a full shield...
  10. G-Guy

    I like the simplicity of Banjo and Kazooie's moves

    His kit seems simple but hides a ton of technicality! Down B alone has so many applications, it’s nuts (and bolts)! I feel B-K‘s Potential will develop really fast, with how many are playing him already. We‘ll be seeing a ton of crazy combos soon
  11. G-Guy

    Social Banjo-Kazooie Social Thread - Project Dream Come True!

    So happy with the entire pack, ESPECIALLY the music. Mr Patch and Lord Woo FakFak are in, which is amazing. Also Spiral Mountain, TTC, Gobis Valley and Mad Monster Mansion are FIRE! No RBB, but that’s fine. Btw, did you notice that his 4th skin is a Conker Reference? (Blue pants, yellow...
  12. G-Guy

    Banjo-Kazooie really didn't get any love like Joker or Hero.

    There is so much care and attention put into his animations, it’s amazing! Even the original animator from B&K was very impressed
  13. G-Guy

    "Justice Always Triumphs." - Ryu Hayabusa for Smash Switch! (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive)

    Here to show support for Ryu Hayabusa. I feel like it’s a fitting choice for Smash, the NES games are classics and seeing him standing next to other NES icons like Simon Belmont and Megaman feels natural to me
  14. G-Guy

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    A Krusha AT that walks around, making you flinch when you bump into him (accompanied by some laughter, naturally) sounds like fun to me :-) Other than that, a Kaptain K Rool Echo would be amazing, one who swaps his Crownarang for the Blunderbuss-Rocket Boost (Blunderboost?) and spiked...
  15. G-Guy

    what buffs does K.Rool need?

    Faster startup on Nair is a must. k Rool is already the easiest to combo, so being able to break out of combos at the risk of potentially cracking is a balanced enough approach for me. Also agreed on the endlag reduction on a lot of moves. Especially fair and bair. Oh, speaking of bair...
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