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Recent content by Furret24

  1. Furret24

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Glad to see a Robin finally get some results, I always thought they were pretty slept on. Same for Mii Brawler, which some top players have suddenly realized is pretty sick.
  2. Furret24


    Pummeling is free damage and unstales moves. Unless you wanna catch people offguard when doing certain throws or are in FFA/teams, I don't see why not. You can get an extra 5-10% per grab, which can add up, and potentially be the difference in a kill/kill confirm or the opponent surviving. :162:
  3. Furret24

    How frequently do you misinput?

    If I use smash stick, I'm bad at tilts, and vice versa. Otherwise, not too much. Still get boned by air dodging after a tech off stage sometimes though. :162:
  4. Furret24

    Home-Run bat needs a rework

    Not everything needs to be good. Even then, the bat is still an amazing throwing item, and the OHKO onit is faster than ever. The item is fine and great as is. :162:
  5. Furret24

    Social 7th Heaven - Cloud Social Thread

    I mean you're right but this place is dead. :162:
  6. Furret24

    Bring back frame 2 up b

    Bring back frame 2 up b
  7. Furret24

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    I don't think this is the place for a rant like this. I don't think Luigi's 0 death is hard to avoid and his recovery can't go horizontally well, so just hit him away since it's so telegraphed. Edit: Since you main Dark Pit, it's good to note most of your aerials gimp him easy, and you can...
  8. Furret24

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    It's funny, because G&W's fair isn't even a downgrade, but people still act like he got nerfed from 4, when almost everything about him was buffed. :162:
  9. Furret24

    Talk trash about your Smash main and compliment your most hated Smash character

    :ultgnw: bombs suck lol :ultlucas: Pk freeze is sick :162:
  10. Furret24

    SSBU - What are your nitpicks?

    Removal of taunts was the worst change I have ever seen made in a Smash game. :162:
  11. Furret24

    Bandana Dee, the Legend of Dee - Our Star Ally as DeeLC?! (v(- ' ' -)>↑

    Quality choices across the chart. Glad to see 498 people chose correctly. :039: :162:
  12. Furret24

    Bandana Dee, the Legend of Dee - Our Star Ally as DeeLC?! (v(- ' ' -)>↑

    Going to announce something huh? It is near the end of Nintendo's E3 conference, no mention of Smash at all yet. Suddenly, the lights darken, and Sakurai walks onto the stage. "It has been a while since we've announced anything for Super Smash Bros. since our Nintendo Direct in March. Today...
  13. Furret24

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    If he was as passionate as you, their name would be Jokerbradli Wartooth. :162:
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