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    We could really use an unranked 1 on 1 in SSBU

    It's not a lot of work, but generally when you're developing a game and online, you don't want to make things so exclusive so players will have an easy time and be quick in finding matches even years later when the game dies down. I think this wouldn't work very well if you used a niche...
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    Smash Ultimate’s Roster Select Screen

    What would be neat is if they did this, and as you're unlocking the characters, the character selection screen mimicked the old games. Like, it'll start out with the original 8/12, then after you unlock the Melee characters, it would rearrange to the Melee layout. Same for Brawl, 4, then...
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    Official 4BR Tier List V3 - Competitive Insight & Analysis

    Easier kill confirms, Finishing Touch can easily be set up with a partner's throw. Easier time recovering than singles, your partner can cover you trying to recover Great throws for setting stuff up and easy hand off combos with nair, bair, etc.
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    I'm an f'ing scrub.

    I don't think most people would disagree. Taunting is usually considered rude in most fighting games. But at the end of the day, it does not matter if you think it's wrong. If it gets to you, you're at a disadvantage when you're playing. People will use the outside "mental" game in addition to...
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    Official Summer of Smash: Week #7 - EVO 2016 and Co.

    McButt is a Vegas :4wario2: solo-main.
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    On top of the wireless issues that arise from having a lot of them at supermajors, EVO also has a history with interference from wireless users, here's a clip from EVO 2008 Grand Finals for Tekken 5:DR where someone in the crowd had their wireless controller hit the home button on accident...
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    Meta 1.1.6 Update Coming this month

    I have a Japanese Wii U. I'll test and see if the update's up. EDIT: Nope. Doesn't force me to update after trying to go online. Not likely considering the 3DS patches combine with previous ones. They include all the previous balance patches, so 1.1.5 would include 1.1.4, 1.1.3, and so on...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Just want to point out that this is because the 3DS patches stack on top of each other. If you're downloading 1.1.5, you're also redownloading the stuff for 1.1.4, and so-on. I think we can safely say that a new stage/character/music/whatever isn't likely. Anyway back on topic, I do think...
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    Banning Bayonetta in Tournaments

    Results and evidence matter. If people want her banned, pick her up, show some of her combos with the opponent doing different DI. Prove she's broken. A lot of people don't even attempt to SDI Witch Twist yet. Also yeah she can be kinda silly, especially with Witch Time, but that doesn't...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    It makes running behind uncharged Shadow Ball more viable with a faster run speed. I've gotten dash attacks, grabs, and fairs depending on how the opponents acts a bit easier now thanks to the run speed buff.
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Apparently it wasn't clear to some of you that Dabuz was trolling: Also Duck Hunt had a "kill confirm" with dthrow to uair at high percents. It's existed for awhile. It doesn't work with any sort of DI. Someone "discovered" it last...
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    Duck Hunt 1.1.5

    Sigh. Yeah not again. This happened last patch too. According to the patch thread, someone said that his Smash attacks got slightly buffed. If they fixed the hitboxes as well that'd be great.
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    Is it "scummy" to enter a tournament you're hosting?

    They're being salty, but yeah you also don't want to have the perception that you're creating tourneys to pay your bills, lol I agree with TheHypnotoad on that point.
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    Coming from a different fighting game, my thoughts

    USF4 is one of the most balanced fighting games in awhile. Hardly a shotofest. I'd say Smash 4's current incarnation feels pretty similar to USF4 balance wise, there's a few great characters but for the most part the cast overall feels viable. For #3, Fire Emblem is just a popular series on...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Tier lists are also an indication on where a game's meta is currently. At that time, top Yoshi play wasn't very impressive, and of course tech was found later/better optimized as well. Tiers also aren't set in stone. Metas develop, people's perceived tiers change. But you shouldn't depend on...
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