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Recent content by Frisbie

  1. Frisbie

    [Jul 26, 2014] Gameguys' Intergalactic Kegger feat. Armada, M2k, Zero, Texas'... (pasadena, tx)

    Oscar you said Armada is coming to this right? If so you should get him to rsvp and then put that he's coming in the title, cause that will definitely draw in some competition.
  2. Frisbie

    [May 17, 2014] DIME 9 (Plano, TX)

    I'll be coming to this and I'll bring some Houston homies with me. Don't worry about housing, my grandma literally lives less than 10 minutes from the venue. Y'all ain't ready for Houston's secret boss 2003...
  3. Frisbie

    Austin, TX Tournament Interest

    I like how this has turned into an Austin Smash group
  4. Frisbie

    Doc's Advanced Techniques and Useful Tactics!

    the d-throw fsmash only works if they don't DI away. On any fastfaller, you should upthrow-> fair them from about 85-105%. Once they reach the percent where you can't get the upthrow fair (so after 105%), try dthrow, and if they DI it so you cant fsmash, do an upair to fair. Another...
  5. Frisbie

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    @achilles1515 I haven't read through all the comments or at your edited post, but if no one has suggested this already you should make a code that somehow indicates when a character is in hitstun.
  6. Frisbie

    Q&A Doc General Discussion: Ask and ye shall receive ft. otg and Shroomed!

    not bad. I actually don't think the jiggs matchup is that bad for doc. You were doing well in the second game, I think if your combo DI was better you could have done better
  7. Frisbie

    Post-Apocalyptic Texas Showdown 4 Results & Shoutouts [3/15/14 Houston, TX]

    Don't take things so seriously all the time...I only poke fun at him cause we both know he's mad good. Bro actually has a really good Yoshi btw, it's better than hamyojo's imo
  8. Frisbie

    Post-Apocalyptic Texas Showdown 4 Results & Shoutouts [3/15/14 Houston, TX]

    Thanks to everyone who came! It was unfortunate that Houston had some really bad weather, Louisiana and Beaumont people didn't show up liked they planned to because of it, not to mention several Houston players. About seven people had to leave before singles started too, so that didn't help...
  9. Frisbie

    [Mar 22, 2014] CRESCENDO 2! [melee] (Austin, TX)

    Yo @Zhea, I can most likely be the SA carpool
  10. Frisbie

    King of the House Results

    any brackets or videos?
  11. Frisbie

    [Mar 15, 2014] Post-Apocalypse Texas Showdown (PATS) 4 (Houston, Texas)

    It's not about that, it's a time thing. PM would take up setups and people would have matches in both games, delaying all the events. Plus I don't really like PM that much, I'd honestly sooner have a side tourney for smash 64, which I actually meant to do but forgot.
  12. Frisbie

    Rains of Castamere Results & Shout Outs

    **** that was Richard on my account just now...y'all can't even handle Richard Biscuit
  13. Frisbie

    Rains of Castamere Results & Shout Outs

    Frisbie didn't enter though, it was his friend Smitty Werbenjagermanjansen that looks like him and plays Ness. Whoever that was got confused
  14. Frisbie

    Rains of Castamere Results & Shout Outs

    yo can you take me off of the results, I didn't enter... I'm not even in the bracket image lol
  15. Frisbie

    Q&A Doc General Discussion: Ask and ye shall receive ft. otg and Shroomed!

    For sure, I'll probably go to at least one tournament over the summer up there. I did notice that you took some of my advice from the DIME 5, so hopefully I'll see you level up by the time I come up there!
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