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    Meta SSBU Stagelist Discussion

    Why is Smashville with hazards off never mentioned? It’s a different stage entirely from Smashville with hazards on, and no other stage has its layout.
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    Entire Piranha Plant Moveset (Everything there is so far)

    There’s a mini game in Mario Party 1 where a piranha plant chases someone riding on a skateboard, so piranha plants have been able to move before.
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    Delzethin Presents List of Potential Echo Fighters

    I would agree if Captain Rainbow didn’t fit way too well as a Captain Falcon echo.
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    Based on the special edition box, the only remaining characters are Ken + one final newcomer.

    I don’t understand where the evidence for Ken is coming from but whatever.
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    Your Reactions to Isabelle in smash ultimate

    In retrospect, Isabelle was the most predictable character they could have revealed (even though there was technically more evidence for Skull Kid), which is why I was underwhelmed. I didn’t care that much about who would be revealed, I just wanted to be surprised, and I wasn’t. Her fishing...
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    Isabelle isn't a semi clone

    You do realize that “semi” implies “not actually”, right? Like for example, a semicircle isn’t actually a circle in any capacity.
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    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 508: Shin Megami Tensei representative

    24% Honestly, if it were anyone other than Isabelle (or Shadow) I would have been hyped as hell because other than Skull Kid, I genuinely had no idea which character could possibly be announced. A disturbing amount of people have high expectations for Geno, Isaac, and a few others even though...
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    There Is One They Fear: Dragonborn Shouts Them Down!

    Dovahkiin is the only plausible character I can think of whose reveal would reach the same level of hype and attention as Cloud Strife’s reveal. If Nintendo wants to 1-up themselves with Ultimate, then an Elder Scrolls character is quite frankly their only option.
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    Rayman Will Join the Brawlhalla on November 6th

    GameStop sometimes has game cases of unreleased games on their shelves to promote their preorder option. Maybe your Target is doing that with Brawlhalla.
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    Characters Who Have Less Support Than You'd Expect

    I honestly forgot that CODENAME STEAM existed and now that I remember its existence, all I can think about is why the heck is no one asking for a CODENAME STEAM character? I mean, hello? A unique IP from Nintendo? Anyone?
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    Nindies Broadcast Announced for August 28th

    I don’t recall these ever being announced in advance before.
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    I didn’t realize they were remaking EVERY stage!!!

    The stages are all unlocked from the beginning anyway. Visual wise or the platform layouts? Unless it’s a crazy stage like Orbital Assault, then the visual design is where most of the effort will go into.
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    Tropical Freeze by an extremely large margin.

    Tropical Freeze by an extremely large margin.
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    Discussion of Stage Legality in Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Is hazardless Wily’s Castle going to be a neutral pick? I feel like that would be the coolest legal stage because it has those classic Mega Man 1 platforms.
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    Who are some of your favorite players?

    ZeRo, Jtails, Izaw, M2K, Ryo, and John Numbers
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