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    The Nu Smashboards Arena: Revival of Online - Check 1st Post!

    I will if you're still available. Adding ya.
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    The Nu Smashboards Arena: Revival of Online - Check 1st Post!

    I will. I'll add you now and wait unless someone else shows up in the mean time.
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    Got a question! Sheik Q&A & FAQ

    Sheik is the first character I've learned seriously that has a tether recovery. How effective is it for gimps/edgehogging? Like just hanging onto the edge with the chain, and the autosnap for invincibility frames for certain situations? She doesn't seem to have very reliable KO moves besides...
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    Ness Video & Critique Thread

    - Space aerials on opponent's shield better when landing so you're outside/not too far into their shieldgrab range. - Mix in empty jumps every once in a while to see how they react. You can add SH FF air-dodging into the ground -> grab/shieldgrab if you see them shielding a lot, and mix that...
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    Ness Video & Critique Thread

    The main points for me would be: - Maybe I'm just a more aggressive/hasty player, but I will almost always try to hassle an opponent recovering onto the stage or from the ledge (unless they're MK or someone with good edge play, and even then maybe once in a while). Whether it be double-jumped...
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    The Smashboards Mentoring Program!

    Ooh, nice to see this back. It's unfortunate that there are still no Ness mentors available, though. If anyone could help mentor me with these characters: 1. Sheik (newest pickup and in need of learning the most) 2. Ness (main) 3. Yoshi (secondary) I'd appreciate it. :)
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    Yoshi Locator/Introduction Thread

    Forsworn (FSWRN) / Hialeah, Florida / Green and Cyan / 3480-2205-0657 / Ness, Yoshi, Sheik
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    NickRiddle's Apex training! - January 5, 2013

    Anyone passing by the Palm Springs North/Country Club area on their way to ZP? I might not have a car available tomorrow to drive myself. I can bring a non-hacked Wii setup.
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    [Nesu] It's so deserted here I could find Criminal Caterpillars. (Post here if you're cool)

    Same situation here, though I don't think there have been any tournaments down here since APEX concluded. >_> Wish there was stuff on Fridays, though. I'd be happy just with a smashfest or something but anything more than a few hours distance away is too much.
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    YGD - As the snow melts, the mighty Dinosaur rises once more!

    Yoshi should've been in Skyward Sword. Just sayin'.
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