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  • Hm... I know someone from Bahrain, but after we played for a bit I haven't heard from him at all. Check my profile. One of my friends has a username of "Skas" or something. That's him, I think.

    Anyway, I'm not much for tourneys, but I'd love some regular, friendly matches online... 3 stocks, no items. I don't mind stages, as long as they're not REALLY bad (scrolling stages, huge stages, stages with super annoying hazards, etc.). =) My FC is in my profile.

    Also, if you wanna add me on MSN (so we can talk faster), add rashidali_1@hotmail.com. And sometimes I stay up after midnight to chat on MSN on my phone. I use the address rashidali_phone@live.com . I can't wait to play with you. ^_^

    Also, you can pretty much guess my "top 3" from my profile. (No, PT isn't one)
    Whoa... you're from Bahrain? I'm from the UAE. That's pretty close. ^_^
    Can you go online? If you can, we REALLY gotta play. <3
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