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Recent content by Flonomenalz

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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    Oh please stop being so elitest. It's a lot more feasible to do something about Plank stealing money than to do something about politicians stealing money, which is going to happen regardless. But I'm just a bystander so idrc what action y'all take.
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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    The jig's up IMO. If he had any sort of justification for the amount of money that is unaccounted for, he would've posted it already. It's been like 3 weeks now since people started asking for the numbers... There's absolutely no reason at all to not post something that would clear you of guilt...
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    What's the point anymore?

    stop being a ***** I hope all the nice advice you're getting from this thread makes you feel better, but words typed over to you on a forum isn't going to change your view on life. When you decide to stop *****ing, man up, and figure out what you want to do in life, things will look a lot better.
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    Dear Mew2King

    Hey M2K... If you're in college, short on money, and you HAVEN'T filled out a FAFSA yet, that is nuts. Idc what you have to do, GET THIS DONE NOW. If you're doing well in school and have a plan to pay the money back, it's simply silly that you are stressing yourself out and being broke. It...
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    Does a lack of "true combos" hurt Brawl?

    argument for tripping = hax argument for lack of combos = call it irrelevant argument for competitive Brawl = lol its all funsies argument for community = Brawl community is cool okay.... Sorry that I don't feel like hacking to resolve a problem that the developers left there. And...
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    it depends on how you look at it. also, zone, I think ur opinion is a bit biased considering you play zelda. as a zelda player, you can't throw out grabs as mixups because the punishment >> the reward. You have to know that you have conditioned your opponent into you getting a tomahawk or...
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    Inventing a character

    ka made luigi, 4 reals im more modern so I would say axe made pikachu. i mean the dude has numerous top 5 at big tournaments with PIKACHU. if that doesnt count for inventing it idk what does.
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    NEW! Ken Hoang history (Article by MLG)

    yea seriously the payout would not be nearly enough to warrant armada moving to america, it's not like it would become the flagship MLG game like Halo, and it won't become as big as SC is in Korea, which is big enough to warrant pros moving there i.e. Idra. calm down there buddy
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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    Whoa. Even if you overestimate on all those calcs by like 100-200 dollars per calculation, there's still at least $2000 unaccounted for. Plank u got some xplaaainninn to do
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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    Not appropriate for Smashboards.
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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    This, seriously. I ran a small Halo tournament at Rutgers a year back, and after the tournament, the 4th place finishers were complaining about not getting paid. That made no sense to me, seeing as I had carefully calculated the amount of money I owed the school for providing the venue, the...
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    smash lessons by M2K

    How else could he market it? It's not like he's a Halo pro being sponsored by MLG with his own site where he could simply have a link to his lessons hosting page. Smashboards is hardly going to have a section for this sort of thing, a thread like this is the only way to get his message out...
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    Pound V- Discussion, Donations, and Prevention

    Well while many people might disregard the opinion of a mere spectator, I'll post anyway. It's really quite the unfortunate situation for both sides... Plank took a huge gamble and lost. That being said, ANYONE on this site would have done exactly what he did with the money, he literally had...
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    The "Lets help armada" Fund!

    umm 2 questions... How much is left needed, if any? And is it possible to do a direct donation to paypal straight from my bank acc? I don't have a debit card atm =/
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