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  • Thanks for the reddit post!
    So i have an elgato hd and only the wii component cables. Havent tried it to HDMI but you say theres lag. I was wondering how bad?
    Second, Im planning on getting the neoya wii2hdmi since the other isnt available. Then ill grab an ASUS monitors. I was wondering if you knew the amount of lag youve measured off them. By the reddit post it seems unnoticeable.
    Any efforts made to collab with Dan Salvato? I can see 20XX Tournament Edition + Your Hardware make huge strides in displaying more information to viewers.
    I did talk to him about it. He's a busy man and it didn't sound like he really had the bandwidth to do much collaboration unfortunately.
    Hey Fizzi,

    I read your posts on meleeitonme about statistics in smash. I've recently started working on a project like this myself, and I seem to be stuck at about the same point you were: actually getting data out of the game and onto a computer where I can really do something interesting with it. Would you be willing to help me out? I'd love to pick your brain.

    Sure. I recommend starting a private message on smashboards. Ask away.
    Hello Fizzi,

    I ran across your post on reddit in regard to the monitor set up. Was planning on picking up VH238H monitor + Elgato for HD recording. Was there an adapter for the monitor that you recommend?

    I'm trying to figure out what is the best set up for competitive smash.

    Thanks in advance!
    hey fizzi. we've never actually played at the weeklies so I'd like to try to play you, since I usually play the same people there. Not a challenge, just a friendly out of 3.
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