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    [POLL] Where do you think Ganondorf COULD be on the tier list?

    I personally think he is bottom tier. He's seems to have the slowest moves of all the heavyweights. Although his moves have good knockback and dmg he's just so slow with so many start-up frames on moves it gives him a minimal combo game. His lack of movement speed, fall speed, & weight make him...
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    Is Sheik Top Tier or High Tier?

    I know Sheik has long been thought to be top tier but after her nerfs and placings and top players that main her switching to secondaries I have a hard time viewing :4sheik: as top tier still. Sm4sh Sheik reminds me most similar of Capt. Falcon in Melee. Falcon in Melee clearly isn't top tier...
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    Smash Wii U Should Cloud be banned from doubles?

    No. He isn't remotely OP enough to be banned. I'll admit he is better in doubles than singles as a teammate can aid him with his poor recovery. But I think you either play with a Cloud on your team or you learn the MU. I believe it is that simple. A lot of nerfs happened in sm4sh over the past...
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    Trouble Picking a Main

    Since you say you main Falcon in sm4sh and have Sheik as a secondary I'd say go Puff to be different. But the honest truth is always the same answer, play who you have the most fun with. All 3 are high/top tier so they are all viable. Either play them all or play one at a time for an extended...
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    Is Hbox the GOAT?

    I don't think HBox is there yet. Keep in mind Armada spent just as much time at #1 last year as HBox. I think after 2017 HBox is considerably above M2K in G.O.A.T. conversations but he is still behind Armada and Mang0. Ken's longevity as the best could give him an argument above HBox as well. I...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Thread

    Dixie Kong would be a semi-clone of Diddy. Most similar to Fox & Falco. Her moves with have opposite knockback directions as Diddy to keep her unique. K. Rool is added, we need more villains and super heavy weight characters. Samurai Goroh would have Ganondorf's moveset finally allowing Ganon...
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    Smash Wii U Motivation and Gameplay

    I personally don't really think For Glory is the place to go for smash. I'd recommend finding people of similar or greater skill than you and play friendlies, even if you are limited to online playing smashville and BF etc are much better than just FD. Melee netplay is growing as well if that...
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    Smash Wii U Best play you've ever done? [3DS/Wii U]

    Was playing 3v3 and both my teammates got eliminated. I was on my last stock as Sheik at high percent and my 3 opponents were all last stock mid percent and I got the 1v3 victory. (Final Destination no items)
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    Best Ground and Air Game in your opinion?

    Ground game between :4sheik: and :4littlemac: pending on how easily a character can deal with needles. For aerial :4cloud2:
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    Alternate Costume Tier List

    I love green headband Pikachu in brawl/sm4sh. It's honestly such a shame that in sm4sh jigglypuff has no headband costume yet pikachu has two.
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    Alternate Costume Tier List

    This is just my opinion on the default and alt costumes of the roster. I tried my best to not let players who use certain costumes affect my opinion and is solely based on the appearance: :bowsermelee: S A red, black B default C blue :falconmelee: S white A red, black, blue B default, green...
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    I choose ... IDK - My continuous character crisis

    I spent pretty much the entirety of Brawl's existence playing random. I'm a former Fox main and I didn't like Fox in Brawl so I never truly had a main. I just wanna tell you that's ok. The vast majority of us aren't pros, we have lots of secondaries bc it's more fun to play different characters...
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    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
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