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    Zack Fair tournament legal project

    I feel like too much fun happened on this thread... Wondering when it'll be closed...
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    Sandstorm wow

    Darude shoulda hosted the tournament.
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    Melee retirement age & How long will Melee be thriving competitively?

    Every game eventually dies unfortunately, no matter how strong the community is or was at one point. If you don't believe that, then you're pretty arrogant tbh. *Here comes hate comments*
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    So why is this the most balanced officially released Smash game?

    Melee balanced? What a joke, haha. xD You see there are 5 gods, then there's a decent gap between #5-8 then #8-12 are kinda meh, then the rest are why even bother in most cases. There are a lot of good fighting games that're unbalanced though, like Super Turbo (Claw all day everyday) and Guilty...
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    differences between pm and melee

    I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this, this may be something that can't be fixed due to the nature of the engine. I can be wrong though. All the speeds, frame data, etc. is the same iirc for the god tier characters. EDIT: APESAUCE, we do not live too far from each other, lol.
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    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    Change in OP to designate a new build for everyone to use then? Or does build revision doesn't matter anymore?
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    Is this game growing?

    Ehh people don't really play Melty Blood anymore, but it's a fun game nonetheless if you find friends to play with. UNIEL is more active though, but Guilty Gear is just killing every other anime fighting game scene... EDIT: Melty Blood is kinda dead, mainly because it's soooo hard and expensive...
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    Is this game growing?

    It is growing, yea play Doc if you really like him, be a low tier hero. Melee does have a high skill ceiling, so you're gonna have fun for a while. Other games I'd recommend are Guilty Gear, UNIEL, and Melty Blood, all of them are good, but Guilty Gear is probably the hardest fighting game to...
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    When do you think this game will die?

    It is, but people probably wants even simpler eventually sadly. Same thing happened with Guilty Gear in a sense, tons of people complained it's too hard and then the game got hella lot easier since FRCs were removed and the pace was slower, but the game regardless has a very similar level of...
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    When do you think this game will die?

    Until a game based on Melee comes out with more simplified mechanics and character balance comes out. Hate to say it, but simplified mechanics are going to be very appealing to new blood and new blood might make old blood move on.
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    Advice to your younger self

    I would've told myself to stay using Fox, keep using Fox, and never consider switching outside of Fox. Fox is my playstyle and I could've been a much better Fox if I didn't switch to Falco or Marth.
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    I need Smash Community help to develop a useful tool for new players!

    I sent in 3, I would've loved this when I first started.
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    Official Ask Anyone Frame Things Thread

    Hmmm, would it hurt to put frame advantage on block on everybody's frame data on ground attacks? EDIT: Frame advantage is active frames subtracted by 1 then add recovery frames, subtracted by your opponent's shield stun. It basically says who can attack again sooner after a blocked attack, I...
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    Apex series is terribly run. Come forward here and share your problems with it

    Add reasons, besides the one that they couldn't prevent this year, then people will talk. Edit: Actually didn't this fool say he quit Smashboards?
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    The Old Melee Hacks Audio/Music Thread

    I'll see how many I can do today and tomorrow, the 5 on average was when I was on break, now it could be 5 or it could be 3 and sometimes I'll get nothing done because of how busy I am... Now I have classes and looking for a part-time job. Aside that all, I'll preparing for two Guilty Gear...
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